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Pest Infestation- The Different Smell Indicators

There are some interesting ways we can identify a pest infestation- use your sense of smell!

Types of smell that spells a pest infestation

When we step into a place not well ventilated, it tends to exude some smell that we all dislike that illustrates mold and fungi. For some places, the decomposing stench could also mean decaying matter not disposed or dead pests or carcass around. Is there a pest infestation around?

Yes, un-removed pests or animals that has been dead or decomposed and leaving a bad foul is 1 common indicator of a pest infestation. There are various factors that causes it to decompose at a hidden spot including being left starved, fed with baits, lack of water supply or being trapped. With no adequate detection, monitoring and disposal of these remains, bad foul or stench may develop overtime.

Urine smell is another smell indicator example

Cockroach and its urine leaves a pungent, oily and musty smell. Smell can get quite strong and obvious if there is an existing infestation, particularly at their hiding areas such as kitchen cabinets, shelves or dark corners such as storerooms or below appliances. For rats, their urine smells quite similar to other animals comprising of water and urea that produces ammonia, but the more critical danger is the bacteria and virus they carry, that causes food poisoning symptoms.

Have you experienced sweet and “fruity” smell

It may spell trouble rather than a pleasant one. Bed Bugs, exudes this certain smell that leaves off this sweet and musky order and for some, they describe as smell associating with coriander. This odour released from them are called pheromones and are released for self-defense purposes of when provoked or threatened.

Other tell-tale signs of an infestation

Besides the smell and stench of these pests, there are other signs of pest infestation in a house we can keep a lookout as well. For example, their droppings, eggs or fecal matter they leave behind, residual or “dusts” and “tubes” that are left on the surfaces and physical trials that are crawling around such as ant trials.

Challenge in identifying pest signs

There are various signs that we may have missed out or go unnoticed, unless we carry out professional site inspection. For obvious symptoms, it may also mean pest infestation level may range from medium to high. Pest control companies in Singapore conduct professional and visible visual detection. They utilises technology and gadgets to heighten the detection accuracy. The Microwave technology can detect presence of termite activity and the Urine Detector to trace presence of rats’ urine.

But the question is why it is more crucial to detect these early and non-obvious symptoms? Unresolved pest infestation magnifies as they go through the reproduction stages.  It spreads the infestation coverage and causes both health and even financial impact to the home. For instance, food contamination or allergies (including bites and rashes), or structure damages such as damaged panels or weakened structures.

Be protected against pest infestation

Awareness and early detection of a pest infestation can help minimise health risks and potential damages at home. We can help you identify the root cause of the pest infestation with an assessment. Call (65) 6347 8138 to speak with a pest specialist on how your home can be checked and protected against pests.

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