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Dealing With Cockroaches: What You Need to Know

Cockroaches are nasty and annoying pests not only because of the fear and stress they caused, but the health risk and damages they can result. For example, transmission of diseases, food safety risks, potential allergies and business disruptions. For example, financial implication, business suspension or closure and negative brand image. Rentokil shares what you need to know about when dealing with cockroaches, ranging from signs of cockroach infestation, various cockroach treatment options and useful pest prevention tips to keep cockroaches away.


  • Signs of cockroaches you should pay notice of
  • How does cockroach activities come about?
  • Why are cockroaches challenging to eradicate?
  • Which type of premises are at risk of cockroach problem?
  • What should you do if you encounter cockroach presence at home?
  • What happens if you do not engage prompt cockroach treatment?
  • How much does it cost in professional cockroach control service?
  • Which cockroach species are common in home?
  • How often should we engage pest control for cockroaches?
  • What is next after completing cockroach pest control?

Signs of cockroach infestation to look out

While we do not hope to spot a gliding cockroach to know that we have a cockroach infestation at home (it can set people fretting off), it is not as easy finding one in the daytime because they are nocturnal. However, if you do see them crawling around the home in the day, it is a possible case of a heavy cockroach problem in your home. Some other infestation signs include the presence of their droppings and egg cases, distinctive and musty smell which is their urine and droppings, urine stains on surfaces especially along cabinets, table tops and wall and finally, possible food contamination incidents among your family members (or customers) and even cockroach bites and allergies in some cases.

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How do cockroach activities come about?

Firstly, cockroaches and all other pests emerge because of the abundance of food supplies your home provides. This includes food crumbs, waste, debris, scrapes, and any organic food ingredients due to poor housekeeping or food storage. Secondly, water is a common home availability resulting from washing, water drips, spills or plumbing leaks. They can also result from weather such as rain and flood. All pests require water to survive or to breed within. Thirdly, presence of waste and decomposed matter because of uncleared garbage or poor management by not closing the waste lid or not cleaning up spills around the bin. Fourthly, it may be a secondary cause as cockroaches travel and they can slip into your homes due to gaps and crevices because of inadequate proofing or structure integrity issues.

Finally, it can be a cross infestation problem where they come by from your neighbours and surrounding tenants. Above all, procrastination in seeking prompt pest control services and conducting regular detection can help prevent infestation from triggering.

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Why are cockroaches difficult to eliminate?

Pests can be difficult to get rid of, because of their resistance to chemicals, the intelligence such as rats that allow them to escape from our catch and complexity to carry out pest control services such as termites requiring specific active ingredients and tools. Here are some reasons why you might face challenges in getting rid of cockroaches:

  • Cross interaction and visibility is limited due to their nocturnal nature
  • They hide at corners and out of sight spaces that made detection harder
  • Cockroaches breed and multiple, thus increasing the population in the home
  • Delay in seeking cockroach treatment, resulting in infestation escalation
  • Wrong application in DIY-pest control such as location and choice of sprays
  • Inadequate and inconsistency in cockroach pest management impacting efficacy
  • Housekeeping and regular pest detection is necessary to complement control
  • Lack of pest proofing around the home that allows pests to enter
  • Compromised home structure and integrity such as leaks, cracks and crevices

Which type of premises are at risk of cockroach problem?

Pests depend on food (including pests, insects and waste or decomposed matters), water and shelter to survive. These three elements can be found in nearly every premise, be it a home (regardless which type of home dwelling), office, retail space, school compound or an industrial complex. Of course, there are specific sectors that are of higher risk of cockroach presence because of the activities or nature of the sector. For example, restaurants, high dependency, canteen, or retail spaces with waste chutes and centres. Conditions of premises such as old property with gaps and entries, moist and wet conditions can promote a cockroach infestation. Finally, premises located near high-risk area such as poor sanitised environments and presence of garbage refuse area can trigger higher likelihood of pest infestation.

debugged blog what we need to know about when dealing with cockroaches what to do with a cockroach problem

What should you do if you encounter a cockroach issue?

Getting confused what to do if you start to encounter cockroach activities in your home (or work environment)? Rentokil list down a checklist including:

Check around the home for signs of cockroach infestation in key risk areas including kitchen, behind and below appliances, cabinets, washroom, balcony and store rooms.

  • Take a photo and document the signs for reference with the pest control specialist
  • Avoid using water flushing, insecticide sprays or any DIY natural ingredients to attempt getting rid of
  • Contact pest control company to perform a home inspection and recommend relevant pest treatments
  • Clear the home from clutters, debris and piles to allow ease of home inspection and efficient delivery of cockroach treatments
  • Refrain from deterring cockroaches with natural remedies such as pandan leaves, garlic, condiments such as vinegar that can potentially serve as a food source for cockroach.
  • Check the brand reputation and service credibility of the pest control provider you are engaging

What happens if you do not engage in prompt pest control?

Delay and procrastination in any activities and issues can escalate to a serious one. For example, home condition, medical illness and in this case, pest infestation can worsen. Firstly, cockroaches will breed and multiple, thus increasing their population in the home. Secondly, they will spread their activities across the food, in search for more food, water and hiding spaces. Thirdly, their presence can possibly damage your home with droppings and urine stains. Fourthly, they can trigger health and safety issues including food contamination, disease transmission, allergies and bites. Finally, consider the mental stress and time spent in dealing with the tricky pest. Above all, particularly for business, there is the factor of financial consequence and productivity to consider.

What is the cost of cockroach treatment in Singapore?

Generally, the cost of a cockroach treatment for a typical home in average size is around a few hundred dollars. However, the price of cockroach services in Singapore can vary based on factors including the size of the premise to conduct the treatment. (Large landed properties, industrial warehouses or multiple floor office spaces can cost more in coverage services). Frequency of the cockroach control is dependent on the severity of the infestation where intensive and regular treatments are necessary. There are many options of active ingredients from quality, brand and efficacy components, and thus choice of solution can affect the price as well.

The next question you need to ask is if there are value added services such as monitoring, regular inspection and reporting of your service. Finally, depending on the type of services you engage in, it can be an affordable one-off-treatment versus a regular monthly or bi-monthly treatment on a long-term consistent approach.

Which cockroach species are common in residential homes?

While the names of cockroach species might sound scientific, such as the Brown Banded Cockroach, American Cockroach and the German Cockroach. For residential homes, because of the damp and moist conditions, American cockroaches favour wet spaces such as kitchen, bathrooms, laundry corner basement and drains. German cockroaches are a popular species in homes as residential conditions such as the presence of hiding corners attract them. This includes cabinets, kitchen sinks, storerooms, cartons and piles and among waste bins and decomposed food matter. Finally, is the Brown Banded Cockroach species that favour warm and dry conditions. Hence, they often go into hiding at kitchen drawers and cabinets, behind, above or below appliances, and even near painting, frames or ornaments. This also explains how cockroaches can simply just pop up at you suddenly, sending you to panic mode in getting rid of them.

debugged blog what we need to know about when dealing with cockroaches how often to schedule pest control

How often should we engage pest control services for cockroaches?

Is a one-off treatment enough? Is the problem resolved simply by not seeing any physical cockroaches for the time being? How many times of treatments are required to ensure pest infestation is under control. These are some questions that come to our mind when it comes to managing cockroach lurks at home. Pest control should be considered on a regular, ongoing and consistent basis as it helps to protect the home from cockroach invasion and multiplication. In addition, regular home protection includes inspection and home detection of potential risks and presence of any early cockroach infestation signs. Professional recommendation and pest prevention tips are also provided to ensure adequate efficacy in eliminating cockroaches. In cases of acute or ad hoc pest problem due to environment, home condition, activities, additional calls can be made to the pest control company who performs flush-out treatments.

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debugged blog what we need to know about when dealing with cockroaches useful cockroach prevention tips

What is next after completing cockroach pest control?

It is not just the job of the pest control specialist in eliminating their presence and activities. Individuals and home owners have a big role to play in keeping cockroach infestation at bay.

Firstly, removing food spills, crumbs and debris is key and refrain from snacking or eating out of the dining hall. This is because it allows a spread of food sources for cockroaches. Secondly, keep the home dry and wipe off any water spills, leaks and moisture can minimise attracting cockroaches. Thirdly, clear away any unwanted piles, junks, cartons, newspapers and clutter in the storeroom and kitchen cabinets as cockroaches can hide in them. Fourthly, always keep a lookout for your enemies. Check for cockroach signs and pay notice in any differences or unusual appearance.

Finally, deal with your waste management adequately, as cockroaches (and even flies and rats) and attract decayed items and garages. Above all, take quick action once you spot signs of cockroach activities in order to minimise cost and major rectification of the problem.

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