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Where to find cockroaches at night


We all know that cockroaches are not friendly household companions. They disturb your day, contaminate your food, and when you try to kill them, they run away to places you can’t reach them.

They are experts of circumvention, and they can run around in the tiniest nooks and crannies, especially in dark places. There are over 4000 species of cockroaches, but only 40 of these species are considered house pests. They are most attracted to food and water, which are highly present in your home.

Even when you try and protect your home from these pesky creatures, they always find a hideaway place in your home. There are so many places around your home that they can be in, these are some of their favorite places.

We have list the top usual questions people might have in their mind on these nasty cockroaches

Essential facts of cockroaches you need to know

Cockroaches can hold their breath under water very efficiently, and drowning or flushing them with water may not work on eliminating them effectively. In addition, they move very quickly, and seen as gliding or “flying”, their responsive movements make control more challenging. Also, as they are nocturnal, they are active at night sourcing for food and thus, it reduces visibility in spotting them. Hence, cockroach control in Singapore should not rely on DIY-self remedies but engage professional cockroach control programme.

They lurk in pipes

Because cockroaches like water, they will hang around pipes. Cockroaches need water to keep them hydrated, and can only live up to a week without any water.

Parts where pipes come into homes like through the walls, floors and behind cabinets, are often moist and good places where there is strong humidity that can be very attractive to cockroaches. Always make sure to check for any leaks and repair it as soon as possible to avoid cockroaches and other pest infestation.

They can be seen in kitchen top or wherever there is food!

As roaches are attracted to food, it is no surprise that there is a good chance you will see them in the hidden areas around your kitchen.

Whether day our night, cockroaches will enjoy living in your kitchen. Spots on the floor, garbage, surfaces of appliances and furniture with traces of food particles can be a potential haven for cockroaches, so make sure your place does not have a single food stain!

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Cupboards and cabinets? They are there, too!

Cupboards and cabinets are not cockroach proof, so you can expect that if you have cockroaches in your home, they are probably in the cupboards and cabinets as well.

Cockroaches prefer to rest in dark areas, and your cabinets provide them this. If you have a high infestation of cockroaches in your home, you are going to see a lot of cockroach activity inside cabinets where you keep your food and utensils. They also frolic in storerooms and lay their eggs in linen closet. Check your cabinets often and look for eggs or for other signs of cockroach activity.

Ceilings are fun for them

Nothing is scarier than seeing a cockroach walking on the ceiling. Thanks to their ability to climb walls, cockroaches can spend a decent amount of time on your ceiling before dropping on an unsuspecting visitor or while you are asleep.

Most of the time, they travel on ceilings that are dim or on areas away from light sources. This helps them hide away from human eyes as they make their way to their hiding places behind curtain rods or bulb holders. Make sure to carefully check ceiling areas for cockroach activity if you suspect you have a cockroach problem at home.

Furniture can also be a cockroach hub

We adore comfortable furniture with the sufficient expanse of firmness, smoothness and balminess – but so do cockroaches.

Their flat, smooth bodies make them capable of nestling into tight spaces where they can be away from human activities and lay their eggs. Whenever they find an opportunity to squeeze in between your sofa’s cushions and other furniture, they won’t hesitate to take the opportunity. So make sure to check your furniture from time to time if you suspect cockroaches are in your home.

They are best friends with carbon and paper

There are some breeds or varieties of cockroaches that love papers as their local delicacy or where they leave their wastes.

Envelope glue and just about any paper attract them because of its smell and texture. They also like tons of cardboard or food or drink boxes are nearly perfect spots for hiding, eating and leaving their trails of waste.

They hang out in bathrooms as well

Roaches love the dark and the damp. At night, when the lights are off in the bathroom, it becomes an ideal roach spot. And it’s not just those factors that attracted them— the soap residues, discarded tissues, and hair that fell on the floor are attractive to them as well.

Home cleaning is the way to go

Maintaining a cleanliness in your home is the key to keep your home pest-free—especially from those cockroaches. Wipe down counter and table tops, sweep and mop floors frequently so that pests won’t be engrossed to your home. Ensure that trash is wrapped tightly and taken out consistently, so the strong aromas do not entice unwanted guests. These are helpful cockroach prevention tips, but if you want to really make sure that they are out of your system, it does not hurt to call pest control experts. They are keen and experienced for the job!

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Engaging in professional cockroach control solution in Singapore

Pest control specialist offers effective and safe cockroach treatments by adopting the Elimination, Restriction, Destruction and Monitoring approach. Key risk areas with cockroach activities are carry out, environment and risk factors are evaluated, before recommending cockroach control with residual spraying and misting. In addition, for protection and creating the barrier, the Green Drain Trap Seal that inserts silicon barrier on floor traps to prevent cockroach and flies infestation and transmission of pathogens.


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