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What Attracts Cockroaches in the House?

Finding cockroaches in your home can be a nightmare. Besides being troublesome, their presence can further be complicated by the unsanitary issues and potential health hazards they come with.

Because cockroaches move freely from garbage to food, they have the potential to transfer pathogenic microbes that may contaminate your food and other household items while simultaneously leaving an unpleasant odour and triggering allergies.

Walking past them after making sure that you’ve done all possible measures to keep your place sanitised at all times can be a huge frustration. So, you start to wonder, what went wrong? First stop, start to ask yourself exactly how much do you understand your enemy? What are their likes and dislikes that attracts these cockroaches in your home?

Cockroaches aren’t picky and enjoy eating

Food is the primary attractant for cockroaches. It can be human food, pet food, cardboard or even food waste and crumbs laying on the floor. Eliminating access to these food sources can help address your roach problem. Here are some home organising tips:

• Keep your food sealed and stored properly

• Wipe away any crumbs on surfaces

• Rinse out juice cartons and other food containers before throwing out

• Dispose your garbage every night and make sure you have the lids on all time

Water and hydration is what cockroaches need

Do you know cockroaches can survive for at least 3 months without eating but only a week or two without water—they love the damp areas of your home which can be anything from cupboards, under sinks, flooring, kitchen cabinet table tops and those bubbles of water left behind after hand wash or dish cleaning. Here are some friendly housekeeping reminders:

• Use a hand towel to wipe hands dry after doing the dishes or washing your hands

• Place a kitchen mat to absorb these dripping water

• Perform some simple home fixing especially those leaky taps and pipes

• Ventilate your home or install a dehumidifier to remove moist

Dim and dark cosy resting corners are ideal

Cockroaches like dingy, dark and secluded area for peace and quietness. This is no wonder why they are often so hard to be found as they rest slip themselves conveniently at corners, backs and sides of appliances and cabinets, and impossible tight spaces around your home.

Next, ask yourself if you are aware of the presence of cockroaches?

Unless you are a late night sleeper, you could have missed the nocturnal cockroaches that appear at night. While physical dead cockroaches lying on the floor is obvious and straightforward, there are some signals of cockroaches that could easily go unnoticed -

• Cockroach droppings that look like pepper or coffee grounds

• Oval-shaped egg casings

• A musty odour in your home

What happens if the above symptoms and cockroach problem is already happening in your home? Here are some short term and long term solutions to consider, ranging from really affordable methods to some investments required.

Short term solutions

  • Eliminate food and water sources
  • Maintain cleanliness at all times
  • Check for potential hiding places
  • Apply repellent baits and traps
  • Store food supply properly

Long term solutions include

  • Engage pest detection and inspection services
  • Sign up for a monthly treatment and monitoring
  • Repair cracks, crevices and structural gaps
  • Consider a home renovatioApply home proofing

Read more to learn all you need to know about cockroach infestation

When to Contact a Professional Pest Control Company

Forget the pest control myth and natural remedies to control your cockroach problem. Deterrents could only work for that short quick while, but recurring incidents of gliding cockroaches and build-up cockroach population can be avoided to give you and your family that peace of mind – especially if your loved ones has phobia for cockroaches!

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