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4 Ways Cockroach Prevention Can Go Wrong

Cockroach prevention – Most of us dislike having cockroaches loitering around in our homes. If you ask around, cockroach tends to top the list for most hated pest because of its food contamination risks and their phobia developed towards this pest. A survey was conducted to reveal 30% of the respondents struggle with cockroaches, and the remaining on ants and lizards. Hence, the majority of homeowners are diligent enough to take proactive DIY steps for cockroach prevention at home.

Familiar cockroach prevention methods that can go wrong

Stick-on residues from cockroach baits left on the surfaces

Have you noticed glue-like residues that are left randomly on your kitchen tiles, cabinets, shelves or wall that looks unsightly and patchy? These off-the-shelve baits are readily available in supermarkets and home-fix stores that are not costly. The tendency is for people to buy a stash and conveniently stick them at every possible spots, not sparing these cockroaches from escaping unharmed. The problem: You end up buying more baits, sticking them at other potential hot spots, removing the expired baits, leaving residue traces behind, but the cockroach population is still not under control!

Not everyone is good in their cockroach whacking-skills

How we admire our parents or siblings rolling up a magazine or newspaper and give a good one-time whack at the running cockroach and spot on! But have you experienced chasing around a small but fast-moving cockroach to no avail? The problem: You engaged in some exercise running around your home and exercising your arms, but the cockroach most likely will flee and hide comfortably at spaces either you can’t reach or can’t see them.

Read here to find out where does cockroach exactly live and hide in your home

Insecticide spray expires and couldn’t work at the critical time

Do you know a cockroach is like a road-runner? They can run at 80 cm per second! Most homes would equip with basic cockroach repel tools such as pesticides to give the extra assurance in the event of a cockroach encounter. There are many ways that the spray can let you down.

Leaking canister that is harmful to our health, nozzle couldn’t work, over-spraying that leaves behind residues and toxicity risks, such as allergies, respiratory problems and irritations. The problem: The ease of spraying at every corners and surfaces, thinking by covering the entire area with pesticide, you can get rid of cockroaches effectively. But the reality is, you may not be covering at the right location, attacking the root source instead, leaving these cockroaches to hide and breed at those hide-outs.

Placing pandan leaves and moth balls around the house

All thanks to available information on cockroach prevention tips found on the web.  There are smells to keep roaches away. E.g. pandan leaves, moth balls, peppermint oil, baking soda or even bay leaf. We are clueless on cockroach facts and their harbourage preference. The problem: Natural ingredients are just temporary-short term deterrents. It merely chase them away and will return once the smell is gone. But they can turn into a long term food source for other pests to feed and breed as well!

Frequently Asked Questions on Cockroach Control in Singapore

What can I use to prevent cockroaches?

Most pesticides and insectides can eliminate a couple of lone cockroaches crawling in your kitchen, cabinets, rooms, and more. Keeping your space clean of stray food and having a good cleaning routine can minimise the risk of a cockroach infestation.

What scent will keep roaches away?

There are smells that pungent or unappealing to keep roaches away. Pandan leaves, moth balls, peppermint oil, baking soda or even bay leaf are some examples to cite. These DIY home remedies are just temporary to derail and deter cockroaches once it wears off, the roaches may come back once it resumes its sense of smell and navigation

What attracts cockroaches Singapore?

Unkept food, warm, dark, and moist places can attract cockroaches and other pests. Make sure that you keep your food in air tight containers and seal any cracks that you have in your walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Remember to dispose trash right away and clean up soiled dishes in the sink.

Can vinegar remove cockroaches?

Vinegar is another common natural remedy used to deter cockroaches with its distinctive smell. While it prevents cockroaches from entering your home and manifesting there, it does not eliminate the infestation cause.

What eliminates roaches and their eggs?

Bait gels and boric acid can get rid of roaches and their eggs, hatchlings and adult roaches will die when they ingest this solution. However, by protecting the premise with cockroach control with efficacy can eliminate cockroach infestation effectively.

What are Cockroaches are afraid of?

It's a fact that cockroaches are afraid of humans and other mammals or animals that are bigger than them. They see us as predators and that fear triggers their instinct to scatter away. However, they dislike strong and distinctive scents such as citrus, peppermint, lavender and vinegar.

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