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How to Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Home Naturally

Cockroaches are not only disgusting to look at, but they are also annoying to live around with them. They contaminate your food, eat away your wallpaper, trigger allergies, and spread over 30 types of bacteria, some of which may cause gastroenteritis and typhoid.

How to prevent cockroaches at home?

Good news! There are many readily ingredients and home tools you can find in your home to keep cockroaches away.

  • Borax - Borax is a natural repellent that is known to slowly eliminate cockroaches. Simply mixed with sugar to help attract cockroaches to the trap.
  • Cucumber - Cucumber is often use to repel cockroaches. Cucumber slices are strategically place at likely entry points around your home to deter cockroaches to some extent.
  • Petroleum Jelly - An common ingredient used in DIY traps. The idea is to mimic pest trap by adding sugar into the jelly, smear them on the cardboard surface, and wait for it to attract and trap cockroaches.
  • Silica Gels - They are used to absorb moisture from a shoebox and dry out cockroaches upon exposure to the substance.
  • Bay Leaf - We may love the flavour and aroma of bay leaves on cooked dishes but not among cockroaches. Some suggest crushing bay leaves and placing them in areas where they hide to repel them,
  • Essential Oils - A general idea that cockroaches dislike the smell of essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree as they disrupt and musk their scent trails in food finding.
  • Pandan Leaf – Perhaps one of the most known and commonly used household repellent against cockroaches, this pest myth is still widely believe and adopt today. Read here to find out if pandan leaf is an effective cockroach repellent.

Why natural cockroach repellents may not work?

There are many other natural cockroach repellents readily available in your home. These can be anything from fabric softeners to coffee grounds, citrus fruits, detergents, baking soda, etc. However, the question is, are these effective or just another batch of pest control myths?

Some homeowners may have some tiny success in getting rid of cockroaches for a short moment. These natural repellents seems to repel only and relocating the cockroaches before returning. In some cases, new pest problem even start to surface, adding on to the existing cockroach problem! Why does DIY natural ingredients limited in proper cockroach control?

  • Cockroaches may dislike the smell of essential oils and other repellents, all it will do is force the insects to move from one point to another hence, spreading the infestation further around your home.
  • Eliminate cockroaches can be poor due to its active ingredient and formulation unlike professional cockroach treatment, these natural repellents can only do so little in addressing the root source of the infestation.
  • All these are in addition to the fact that cockroaches can come from various sources (via shopping bags and/or trash bins nearby, and gaps and crevices that may serve as entry points to your home), making it almost impossible to eliminate them on a sustainable basis
  • Because these are natural food source, leaving them undisposed in the open invites another pest issue. This is due to their attraction to these food sources.
  • Due to its repelling function, these hiding pests at your common home hot spots start to breed and multiply. This worsens the handful of cockroaches to truckloads of them.

Professional Cockroach Infestation Solution by Rentokil

Rentokil pest control helps to address your concerns in a cockroach problem. We prevention advice and execute solutions to get rid of cockroaches safely, responsively and effectively. Cockroach pest control services also includes the regular monitoring and inspection of your home. There is a digital platform and friendly specialists to reach out in the event of clarification or recommendations required.

For professional solutions to your cockroach problems, get in touch with us today at (65) 6347 8138.

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