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Complement the Best Fly Trap with Enhanced Small Flies Solution

Cracks and crevices are good hiding places for small flies like fruit flies and sewage flies. With hard to reach spots commonly found in kitchens, washrooms and canteens, this provides a good food source for fruit flies as they feed and breed in organic waste. 

Fruit flies especially, breed quickly and a fly infestation could get out of hand in a matter of short time. While indoor fly control with professional installation of fly traps is done, the best fly trap can now be complemented with a new innovation- enhanced small flies foam solution to control with greater efficacy.

Providing an additional fly control protection to your premise

Drain is a common breeding site especially with poor sanitation and cleaning regime. Over time, the build-up of grease and organic matters will result in an odour that attracts flies with their good sense of smell. Thus, you can eliminate potential pest infestation including drain flies (and even cockroaches) by deploying the Green Drain™ Trap Seal which is an eco-friendly and HACCP-certified innovation protect odour, pests and pathogens including viruses and bacteria, from infiltrating your living and working environment. Besides offering a 24 hours protection daily, it is designed as a one-way drain valve, thus allowing normal functioning of water flow.

Enhanced formulation to control small flies population

Foam Blitz Solution, an enhanced formulation type (a foaming agent) used in residual spraying has shown efficacy and efficiency in controlling small flies. It works well in difficult to reach spots, which typically are common in a preparation kitchen of a restaurant, café or canteen with narrow spaces to eliminate these flies’ breeding sites.

Drains, trolley or cart wheels, trunking and piping may also be applied for adequate protection. As foam tends to stick on the contact surfaces, thus increases the contact time, which also means, delivering better efficacy.

Some of the common small flies that can be controlled include fruit flies, Phorid/ Humpback flies, moth/ drain/ sewage flies. 

Flies feed on decaying and fermenting matter, and the Foam Blitz Solution’s formulation contains bacteria that can eat up organic matters, which are food source for these small flies. The foam increases contact time, and thus bacteria have more time to work on the organic matter. 

It is important to complement and integrate your current flying insect control solution, to ensure adequate and optimal protection. This is particularly in a food safety driven environment, where there has to be zero-tolerance policy to ensure safe consumption and regulatory compliance. Besides eliminating any possible small flies breeding sites, trapping of physical flies is critical.

Insect Light Traps are designed with effective catch rate at a wide coverage ranging from 80m² to 160m². 

Keeping a close monitor on your pest trending activities can help manage a fly infestation and premise more effectively. Reporting and trending analysis is available to complete your flying insect control solution. 

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