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Why Cockroach Pest Control Can Be Ineffective?

We are all victims of cockroach disturbance at home or at work for many reasons such as the safety-conscious (for example food contamination or allergy), phobia-driven or aesthetics reasons (for example dropping presence and stains). There are also home remedies to get rid of roaches attempted without much success.

To name a few, placing stash of cockroach baits at strategic corners within the kitchen (usual hot spots including cabinets, walls and appliances), always having insecticide spray around for standby, installing proofing and screens at some parts of the home and for some, applying pest myth deterrent tricks such as pandan leaves, essential oil, baking soda, bay leaves or even cayenne pepper!


Here is a summary of why cockroach pest control can be ineffective

Do you understand your enemies’ habit? – Cockroach facts and risks which you are not aware of!

Cockroaches tend to stay out in the daytime and are active for food searching at night. Do not brush off and ignore any cockroaches that you come across in the day. It may mean a serious infestation in your home. Because they consume almost anything and pick up bacteria as they move around, they can transmit diseases easily by coming into contact surfaces or eating tools we used. The saliva and faeces they leave behind could potentially cause allergy to humans as well. 6 weeks is the time a nymph matures into a full-grown adult, so do not take your time to rectify a potential cockroach problem!

Did you bring them back home? – Cockroach may have ride onto your bags and parcels

Cockroaches enjoy lurking around clutters and hiding in parcels, boxes and storage bags. Unknowingly, because it can be less visible and obvious to our eyes, we may have brought them back home to breed and multiply. Tip: Always check your belongings for any presence of pests sticking in it before settling them at home.

Out of sight, out of mind? – Cockroaches hidden blind spots tend to go Scott-Free from us

On a vacant space, it is quite easy to spot for any unusual and obvious defects or pest presence, such as cracks, damages, growth, stains or dead insects. But imagine a home filled with storage, furnishes, parcels and boxes; appliances and home decors, spotting the difference can be a tall ordeal. It is no wonder we missed out these hot spots and leaving cockroaches the opportunity to manifest into a real problem. Read here to learn more on detecting signs of cockroaches.

Are you feeding cockroaches well? – Besides food, cockroaches depend on water to survive

Yes, besides cleaning up your home diligently and keeping the daily food necessities such as fruits, cereals, biscuits or even sugar out of reach from pests, water is a common food source for cockroaches. While water and drinks spill may be cleaned up in your dining and living room, but what about bathrooms and kitchens, particularly at sewers, drains and grease traps? Yes! Cockroaches enjoy water and moist, and tend to breed at this damp and less-noticed areas. Do you remember spotting a running cockroach in your bathroom at night?

You may have more than 1 home entrances – Cockroaches easily slip in at any opening entry

While you may not welcome these pests openly, there are many opportunities for cockroaches to come uninvited. From the door gap, ventilator, balcony, windows left open, roof access, wall cracks and gaps or structure crevices, these are common home structure and conditions that increases the risks of pest entry. Fix the defects and apply some proofing to your home can help to minimise a pest infestation.

Eliminate a cockroach infestation

How do you get rid of cockroaches? Firstly, it helps to learn how to identify the common signs of a cockroach infestation, and while home remedies do not work, it is worthwhile to seek professional cockroach pest control treatments to help eliminate the problem.

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