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5 reasons why rats in Singapore are smart

Rats are annoying and challenging pest to manage. Here are the top 5 reasons why rats are smart and tricky pests.

Rats are agile and can squeeze in a 1cm gap!

  • 1cm is all it takes for rodent to sneak into a building
  • Good climbers, swimmers and jumpers
  • Really easy for rats to enter with any possible proofs of entries

Efficient reproduction of offspring

  • Averagely rats reproduce 3 to 8 times a year
  • With 4 to 10 young per litter
  • Short gestation (ability to carry offspring) period of 3 weeks
  • Without rat control in place and left untreated, a pair can produce up to 2,000 descendants a year!

Intelligent creature to avoid enemies

  • Intelligent and very adaptive to urban environment
  • Turn suspicious on new things such as traps, baits and control tools
  • Time and diligent efforts required to gain control effect

Rats are attracted to what we eat

  • Feed on similar human foods such as cereal, fruits, grains and nuts
  • Important to keep food sources out of reach after consumption or food preparation

They have good hiding capabilities

  • Secretive and likes to hide with sufficient tight spaces
  • Keep themselves out of reach and sight in high locations i.e. attic, cramp basements, narrow crawl spaces
  • Remove junk and bulky items to reduce camouflage and hiding places for rats

Eliminate rats with effective rat control solution

Controlling rats require various factors to ensure efficacy and safety. For instance, how we carried out a thorough inspection on their hide-outs and breeding source, did we carry out adequate treatments, have we placed monitoring stations at the right spot, and more importantly, have we conduct regular and consistent inspection and monitoring?

For starters, here are some critical must-know facts and information about rats

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