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Top 10 interesting pest questions asked

In our daily lives at home and work, we encounter pesky pests that may freak us out or raise our worries relating to health and safety.

I hear clicking sounds at night on my parquet floor. Is that a sign of termite?

Clicking sounds from termites may come from their head banging action or eating sounds. “Soldier termites bang their heads against the wood or shake their bodies when the colony is disturbed to signal danger to the other termites.

The worker termites, which are the ones who love eating your woodwork, are noisy eaters. If you put your ear close to any wood infested by termites you can hear them munching away.”

Source https://www.rentokil.com.au/blog/7-signs-you-might-have-termites/

How would you treat the bedroom if there are booklice on the ceiling?

High humidity attracts booklice and keeping the humidity level low by having a dehumidifier helps. Having good airflow and air ventilation by opening up windows to let the sun rays in is also beneficial to homes , and as well as with high humidity and moisture.

The presence of lizards has grown larger at home. How to get rid all of it?

Lizards are attracted to places with secondary pest infestation, which are already happening i.e. small flies, spiders. These secondary infestations provide them with a steady food source.

To lower your home level of attraction to lizards, you may first like to deal with the secondary pest infestation.

We found “soil" on my kitchen floor surface, next to my kitchen cabinet.

The wooden pile of mess that drywood termites leave behind is known as frass; which is the pellet-liked droppings they produce after consuming wood. Drywood termite commonly attacks kitchen cabinets, panels and doorframes. When this happens, you should engage proper termite control to prevent further damage to your home structure.

How much will it roughly cost if you are dealing with ants?

A professional site survey is conducted to determine the right type of ant species we are dealing with. A survey involves a pest surveyor to be present physically and inspecting at the affected premise. As different ant species may require different types of treatment methods, the cost will largely depend on the level of infestation, type of species, area size of premise etc. To find out more on pest control prices, read here.

Detected Termites in my bedroom, what do I do next?

Sighting the presence of live termites (also known as ‘white ants’) can be a good indication of a termite infestation happening. However, for untrained eyes, it is quite common to mistake common ants as termites as they both look rather similar in terms of the outlook. In addition, mud tube presence and damaged walls are other termite symptoms to look out.

Tips: Learn how termite looks like here.

Reminder: Do not apply DIY pest control such as spraying insecticide or move anything. As a result, you may disturb the termites, and hence this can cause complication in the treatment methods.

I have some black worms in my toilet that looks moist and watery. How to remove them?

These black worms are most likely the larvae of small flies. You can scrub the drainpipes thoroughly and ensure adequate housekeeping that removes grease, dirt and grime that harbours pest breeding.

How to eliminate silverfish on the wall?

It is not easy to keep silverfish out when they feed on starch including paper and glues that are items commonly found at home. Because it is also less common compared to cockroaches and ants. Therefore, identifying this species and taking notice of them may be challenging. We recommend seeking help from home pest control experts.

We have many cockroaches coming out from my house rubbish chute, what should I do?

Here are some quick tips for you:Here are some quick tips for you

  • Wash the chute and wash down with pails of water
  • Try to tape it where possible, to prevent gaps
  • Replace the rubber liner of the chute door to ensure well sealed function
  • Fix all leaking pipes/ taps (make sure there is no water source available readily for the cockroaches)
  • Keep chute surface and surrounding area dry
  • Place traps where applicable
  • Engage in cockroach pest control to detect breeding sources

What is the best way in getting rid of mould mites?

Very much the same way we use to treat booklice, the best way is to control the level of humidity. You can use a dehumidifier and minimise moisture level in the home.

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