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Flexi Armour Sustainable Rodent Proofing Solution

Rodents are curious and agile creatures that are constantly squeezing through the smallest gaps as they forage for food and shelter. Their intelligence and curiosity mean they’ll find a way in through any open entry points unless a building is securely proofed. 

Once inside, they’ll continue exploring and exploiting weak points in the structure, such as poorly fitted and damaged doors, frames and windows, roof and wall vents for central heating and gaps under doors and flooring material. They’ll make themselves comfortable and can quickly develop into an infestation that’s more challenging to remove.

Rodents can pose a significant risk to your business. They carry a wide range of diseases, can physically contaminate stock, damage building infrastructure and can ultimately have a negative impact on your business reputation.

There are many points of potential entry into a building for a rodent.

  1. Gaps at the bottom of pedestrian doors
  2. Via uncapped wall weep vents
  3. Via gaps at the bases of loading docks
  4. Gaps in the external cladding of buildings
  5. Gaps, cracks and crevices in buildings
  6. Gaps in expansion joints in floors

It is therefore vital that you have suitable and effective proofing measures in place, to help prevent the entry of rodents and reduce the risk of a rodent infestation developing on your premises.


Rentokil’s Flexi Armour - Rodent Proofing Solution

Provides sustainable rodent-proofing solutions to help protect buildings internally and externally. By utilising hard-wearing, flexible Kevlar and knitted steel mesh, Flexi Armour provides impenetrable barriers that prevent rats and mice from entering your facility. 

Flexi Armour Rodent Proofing Range

We provide a variety of effective proofing solutions against rodent infestations to help protect every aspect of your business.

Flexi Armour Dock

Flexi Armour Dock is a highly effective and sustainable proofing solution designed to eliminate the gaps around dock revellers, made from hard-wearing Kevlar and steel mesh, which is flexible enough to cope with the variation in dock leveller sizes and their frequent movement while remaining strong enough to prevent rodents from chewing through.

Flexi Armour Pedestrian Door Seal

Flexi Armour Pedestrian Door Seal prevents ingress under pedestrian doors, protecting businesses from the risk of a rodent infestation.

Flexi Armour Roller Door

Flexi armour Roller Door featuring hard-wearing extruded rubber with a unique knitted mesh core offers a 100% seal against intruding rodents and is compatible with the majority of commercial loading doors.

Flexi Armour Building Seal

Flexi Armour Building Seal is a highly corrosion-resistant, flexible stainless steel knitted mesh which can be swiftly installed around the perimeter of cladded buildings as an impenetrable barrier to rodents.

Flexi Armour Seal

Flexi Armour Seal is designed to seal gaps and holes effectively, preventing rodent access. This sealant utilises a modified Polymer sealant infused with knitted stainless steel "omega" loops, allowing for easy application using standard tubes and standard Caulking guns.

Flexi Armour Shield

Flexi Armour Shield is a unique proofing tape built with a dense stainless mesh, providing a sticky, flexible and virtually impenetrable barrier for rodents.


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Advantages of Flexi Armour Rodent Proofing Solutions

  • Prevents rodents from exploiting any gaps to enter the customer's premises 
  • Ensuring longevity of the solution 
  • Ensuring the prevention of internal rodent issues 
  • This means we can seal all gaps likely to be exploited by rodents effectively 
  • This means we will use less rodenticides to control infestations 

A Sustainable IPM Approach to Control

Rentokil is committed to supporting rodenticide reduction while recognising responsibility to protect human health.

We consider non-chemical control a valuable asset as part of the IPM strategy.

We have a wide range of non-toxic and lower-toxic solutions to ensure our customers have peace of mind that their business is protected from pests, while also ensuring the least impact on the environment and supporting sustainability agendas.

  1. Proofing door gaps will restrict rodent activity and therefore help us reduce rodenticide usage on riddances
  2. Flexi Armour Designed and Developed by The Experts in Pest Control. Uses robust, unique and flexible knitted steel mesh/rubber to rodent-proof premises.

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