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Fly Control Need Not Be Boring

Here is a challenge for you- how many types of flies can you name? Let us do this one for you, we have the common house flies, fruit flies, filter flies and horse flies! We can name 4 here. Well, having four here is only a very minute fraction of the grand number of flies species we have in the world!

So, how many types of flies are there? We have up to 120,000 species in the world or maybe more!

Do you understand your pest risks?

Especially when it comes to flies, they are considered to be one of human’s biggest pests in the universe. This is because flies carry disease-causing organisms and spread by vomiting and dropping faecal matter on food, thus transmitting diseases such as Cholera and Dysentery. Flies are typically attracted to human food, garbage, ripe fruits and decaying matter.

Besides being a nuisance, flies also transmit a wide range of diseases including Salmonella and E.coli. An adult fly can lay up to 900 eggs in organic wastes, faeces or exposed foods. A housefly can complete its life cycle in just 10 days at the ideal temperature of 30 degree Celsius.

Fly control systems in businesses such as food and beverage restaurants, bakeries and cafés have zero tolerance for food hygiene risks, and will more than often, require the presence of fly catchers and insect light traps to be put in place.

With more business owners in Singapore placing a higher priority to build up for example, a cafe ambience and its interiors, they pull out all stops to make sure their establishments blend in and become highly attractive for their ideal target market. 

When you put together trying to stay cool and chic along with a fly control unit, there is some kind of a chalk and cheese situation here, isn’t it? A typical standard fly control unit is bulky, not aesthetically appealing, noisy, and ugly. How do they fit in? 

Aesthetically pleasing fly control solutions

The Lumnia Compact has a versatile, sleek design, which means it can be fitted onto walls or positioned on a stand discreetly, while it provides you with 24/7 fly control using energy-efficient light bulbs.

What the highlight here is: The launch of an extended range of colours for the Lumnia Compact is now available in silver, black, blue, red, and champagne. The choice of colours mean they easily complement your brand and interior décor and match your brand’s colour scheme while keeping your environment free from the risk of contamination by flies.

Colour psychology: Lumnia Compact Colour

First in the market to use LED technology to deliver efficient fly control

.Colours have a psychological influence on mood and behavior, reflect positive brand personality, evoke emotions and help create a positive impact to end users

.The colour range creates a powerful visual, at the same time, aesthetically enhance the interior design and décor by offering an uplift to a premium status

“Lumnia units save an average of 61% of energy compared to competitors because they run on innovative, LED, directional light emission.”

Source: [Rentokil Lumnia Testing]

The smart tactic to catch flies

Is there really a smart tactic to catch flies or do we need multiple fly control system in place for fly control to work well? The primary objective will still go back to on how to get rid of flies, and at the same time, not compromising on aesthetics and hygiene.

Human versus fly

Here is a picture illustration on what human see versus what a fly sees for the Lumnia Compact fly control units:

Human vs fly

The colours are able to simply bring out the light and dark contrast regardless of being on a light or dark wall. This aids greatly in attracting flies to the unit, upping the efficacy of trapping and getting rid of flies successfully. 

The colour recommendations for a light wall e.g. white are Lumnia Compact colour of black, silver, red and blue. The colour recommendations for a dark wall e.g. grey, black, dark blue are Lumnia Compact colour of champagne, silver, red and blue.

Click here to view the full range of the new launch.

Contact the experts in pest control in Singapore

As the Experts in Pest Control in Singapore, optimising safety has always been a key priority we embrace together with businesses. Each unit is designed to attract and eliminate insect pests hygienically, preventing the risk of contamination, making it perfect for sectors in food & beverage, hotels, cafes and food retail chains.

Here is another expert tip on how to get rid of flies- you can start by getting rid of their organic food sources first. The foaming treatment solutions is able to achieve that. Click here to find out.

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