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5 common mosquito infestation confusion

Mosquitoes are common household most dreaded pest because of the potential health implications they can cause to us – Dengue Fever. While we are all familiar with how Aedes Mosquitoes can transmit the fatal disease to humans, in addition the National Environment Agency (NEA) actively circulates and educate on mosquito breeding prevention. Above all, here are still some confusions around facts of mosquitoes.

Essential facts of mosquitoes you should know

Rentokil Singapore collates the 5 common confusions around mosquitoes

Does mosquitoes bite in daytime or evening time?

Do you experience mosquito bites at any time of the day? If you think mozzies bite 24/7, well here is the clarification. It matters which mosquito species type is biting you. For instance, the Aedes Mosquito is most active in the daytime for 2 hours after sunrise, whereas the Anopheles Mosquitoes surface and bite largely at night. This gives the impression that mozzies attack and bite us all day long. These mosquitoes are not the only pests that surface in the daytime. Find out what are the other daytime pests out there seeking food supplies.

Do mosquitoes prefer warm or cool environment

Mozzies like warmth, like our body heat and warm and as well the warm climate. They also thrive better in hot environment and heighten their activity. This also potentially means higher risk of transmission of diseases. In fact, warm evening temperatures made these mozzies thrive as well. Tips: Keep your place cool to avoid attracting mosquitos’ activity within your home.

Mosquitoes favour warm temperature

Debugged Blog 5 Common Mosquito Infestation Confusion Mosquito Favour Warm Temperature

Do mosquitoes favour light or dark coloured apparel

Because mosquitoes like heat, they are naturally more attracted to the darker tones of apparel such as black, blue or brown. In addition, they rely on visions to navigate around, these dark colours enhance your visibility to the mozzies, as compared to lighter shades of clothing that reflect heats and are less visible to them.

Female or male bite humans for blood meal

Most of us would have associated male gender as the aggressive or dominate one, however it is the female mosquitoes that bites human. This is because she needs blood meal for her reproduction process, by piercing human skin with their mouthparts. This results in mosquitoes bites, and possibly infect us with diseases such Dengue Fever. It is useful to be aware if these are mosquito bites you are experiencing or other pest bites you may not be aware.

Do mozzies breed in clear or soiled water?

We all can associate cleanliness and poor sanitation with pests, particularly cockroaches and rats that favours unhygienic environment. While Culex mosquitoes breed in polluted and dirty water, Aedes mosquitoes on the other hand prefers clean and stagnant water. Mosquito breeding in Singapore is still a challenge and in fact, some of the dengue clusters reported with mosquito breeding detected multiple times.

Debugged Blog 5 Common Mosquito Infestation Confusion Mosquito Life Cycle

Protect yourself further from mosquito bites

It may be impossible to stay home whole time or avoid engaging in some exercises or outdoor activities, However you can take extra steps to prevent bitten by mosquitoes. Here are some useful tips

  • Wear lighter shades of clothing
  • Wipe off perspiration as mosquitoes are attracted to lactic acid
  • Keep yourself cool after an activity (perhaps, bring along a mini fan)
  • Wear long sleeves to avoid skin exposed for mosquitoes to bite
  • Use a repellent or stick on a patch
  • Drop the strong perfume or floral fragrance
  • Turn on a fan. Yes, mosquitoes actually dislikes wind and weigh 2.5 milligrams.
  • Dress in long sleeves and long pants sports wear

    Debugged Blog 5 Common Mosquito Infestation Confusion Long Sleeve and Pants

    Pest control service for mosquitoes

    Most of us would prefer to know how to get rid of mosquitoes naturally. Some common do it yourself (DIY) home remedies for mosquitoes includes using plants with repelling effect such as Citronella, Lavender or Peppermint, and herbs such as garlic, basil and rosemary.

    Mosquito coils are something our parents may have used in their earlier days, but it may be unhealthy and dangerous burning them at home. DIY essential oils by mixing this oil with water for instance cinnamon oil, thyme seems to work for some.

    With the consistent rise of dengue cases in Singapore, engaging professional pest control specialist to conduct proper mosquito control is necessary. In fact, most of us are familiar with the usual fogging we notice outside our block, or observe technicians spraying larvicide into targeted areas. However, there is an absence of mosquito control of adult mosquitoes 24/7, by installing a mosquito trap to control adult mosquito population.

    New way to control both larvae and adult mosquitoes 24/7

    Different from a zapper or racket you may see on online retail platforms, there is a new mosquito control technology is safe for humans and mammals. It effectively controls mosquitoes 24/7 while serving its environmentally friendly benefits. Called the Rentokil In2care Outdoor mosquito trap, it effectively reduce mosquitoes within 2 weeks.

    It works by spreading the contaminants as it lands on other breeding sites, while preventing the larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes, and eventually dies off from the attractant and fungus. The “auto distribution” of infected adult mosquitoes help widen the mosquito control coverage in an efficient manner.

    Rentokil In2care Outdoor Mosquito Trap

    Debugged Blog 5 Common Mosquito Infestation Confusion Rentokil In2care

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