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Termite control cost (2023)

How much does termite control cost? How much does Rentokil cost for termite control?

These are the most common questions from homeowners and/or business owners that we receive on a regular basis about termite control cost.

To answer above question, Rentokil needs to visit your property to schedule a termite inspection. Since the cost of your contract may be vary depending on many factors.

Why choose Rentokil's termite control?

Rentokil is the experts in termite control across Indonesia. Our termite experts have extensive local experience in protecting businesses and homes in Indonesia from termite infestation for 50 years.

  • Qualified and licensed technicians - Our termite experts are technically qualified specialist as they go through many extensive and progressive pest training yearly. Qualified service technicians are licensed by DINKES (Public Health Office) and ASPPHAMI (Indonesia Pest Control Association).

  • Expert knowledge - Our termite experts will discuss their findings with the customer and recommend the suitable termite control solution that best suits your individual situation along with detailed reporting during the inspection.

  • Termite warranty - You want peace of mind that your home or business is protected from the damage termites can cause. Our termite warranty covers our treatment and offers long-term reassurance against the threat of termites.

  • Value-added services - Get a professional consultation and recommendation from our expert on the practical advice about how to prevent the possible termite infestation at your property.


Factors that influence termite control costs

Generally, professional termite control cost is dependent on the following factors:

  • Type of termites
  • Severity of termite infestation
  • Size of your property
  • The treatment option you have chosen
  • The type of warranty you have selected

Type of termites

There are many different species of termites in the world. Pinpointing the termite species will help determine the types of treatment options, which will in turn, determine costs.

Learn more about termite species in Indonesia here

Severity of termite infestation

If many termites are present, or if there is a very large termite nest within your property, you may require more extensive treatment to get rid of termites.

Learn more how to tell if you have termites here

Size of your property

The square footage of your property and premises will have a direct impact on the type and amount of treatment (bait station and/or chemical) used and the number of specialists and follow-up treatments required.

The treatment option you have chosen

Based on the layout of your property and the severity of termite infestation, your licensed technician will create a customized termite control plan tailored to your individual situation and needs.

Some of the termite treatment option by professional termite control, including:

The type of warranty you have selected

The comprehensive termite inspection and treatment types are must be backed by termite warranty. There is a various option of termite warranty period depending on the chosen termite control plan. Normally the range of termite warranty period given by the professional termite control is between 2 up to 5 years.

Find out the benefits of termite warranty for your property here

Get rid of termites: DIY vs professional pest control

What's the real difference between hiring professional pest control company and DIY pest control products to get rid of termites at your property? Find out the differences below before making a decision to hire an exterminator.

When it comes to DIY pest control, there are some pests that are tougher to exterminate like termites. Additionally, DIY termite control is almost ineffective at getting rid of termite problem as well as preventing them from coming back.

DIY termite control products are available to the public to purchase either online and offline. On the other hands, DIY termite control tips to get rid of termites without chemicals and/or natural products, such as using orange oil can be easily found on many blogs or articles on the internet.

The best pest control company can ensure you that your termite problem are handled by highly trained and knowledgeable exterminators to deliver the best possible termite treatment at your property.

Your biggest investment may be at risk!

Termite infestations are a serious problem that should not be taken lightly by property owners. This is why it is necessary to enlist the help of a pest control professional to get rid of them.

Don't leave your property at risk with unprofessional! Contact Rentokil today!

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