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Common Concerns and Hassles Faced among Home Owners

A home is a cozy place to relax after a hard day’s of work or a place to bond with family. However, daily home maintenance can be a chore to handle besides managing the domestic services of the home. For instance, as the property gets older or depending on the property structure, many home owners faced common plumbing leak issues. Besides causing facility disruption and inconvenience, in fact, water leak and moisture increases another potential and damaging issue, by inviting food source for termites to infest. 

Greeneries and plantings are nice to spruce up the exterior of the home to welcome guests. Diligent housekeeping and landscaping has to be maintained at all times, because unkempt gardens with decaying leaves or barks could also mean, attracting termites to forage. 

Besides ceramic or marble tiles, wood and timber flooring are common choice in most homes. These are good food source for termites and can potentially build a colony and spread this infestation to the other parts of the home. 

However, with early detection and inspection, taking preventive measures, and understanding how termite infestation starts at a home with early signs, home owners can minimise these damages and risks, and in fact, the cost to prevent or treat, tends to be more affordable compared to renovating or repairing the entire home. 

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How to between differentiate ant and termite?

 It is common if we cannot differentiate between termites and ants as a normal home owner who is not trained in pest biology. Some tips to spotted termites and ants are: termite has a thick waist whereas ant has a thin waist; ants’ antennae are elbowed however termites are straight; termites have same size wings whereas ants are never the same size and shape. 

Habits of ants and termites differ as well. Ants feed on dead insects, seeds, fruits and live on water to survive, while termites need to eat wood for 24 hours nonstop. Based on this difference, termites habits is crucial to know because the house we live in are build out of wood and structural or cellulose materials that places the cosy home at risk of termite infestation. 

Ants tend to build their nets outdoors, or behind baseboards, between cabinets and inside the soil of potted plants, but a termite live in underground colonies with as many as 2 million members.

Because of termite’s hard, saw-toothed jaws, they are able to bite off extremely small fragments of wood, one piece at a time, and causing detrimental impact to a beautiful home, such as collapsed ceiling, damaged wall and resulting in time and heavy financial costs in renovation and repair. 

While ants’ infestation can be visually obvious, termite infestation tends to be severe if they become visually apparent. 

Rentokil Indonesia uses comprehensive termite inspection technology to accurately detect the presence of termite activities to give home owners a peace of mind. Residents should avoid guessing and subject your home to chance of a potential termite infestation. 

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Termites caused disruptive damages to home

3 Common Termite Groups in Indonesia

Generally, there are 3 common termite groups in Indonesia. They are drywood termites, subterranean termites and dampwood termites. The most common type of termite predominant in Indonesia is the coptotermes sp. (a species of the subterranean termite). 

The drywood termite colony is normally found in drywood, often in the structural timber of buildings. Drywood termites are also less dependent on need for moisture and need no access to the soil. 

Subterranean termites build their nest in the soil and are very dependent on soil for moisture. They construct mud tubes to avoid getting dried up (desiccation) when looking for food in open air. The coptotermes sp. subterranean termite species is considered to be very destructive and the most common cause of damages in houses. 

The dampwood termites are very dependent on moisture and feed on decayed wood such as old tree stumps, rotting logs and pieces of buried timbers. 

Did you know? A termite queen, depending on its species, can lay up to 30,000 eggs in one day! Termites are also social insect, meaning they live together in colonies.

Are Termites Living in Your Home Soil?

Rentokil Indonesia is a pioneer in pest control services and an internationally recognised global brand with more than 45 years experience in Indonesia. Supported by more than 700 employees in 17 branches, Rentokil Initial Indonesia is committed to delivering our quality services to all our valued customers. Rentokil is committed to ensuring adequate protection for your business and family through a series of innovative solutions that are safe, effective and responsive. 

Termite control is one key aspect of pest control in Indonesia. It is an expertise Rentokil has in our pest control services. The Indonesia pest control service treatments and landscape have evolved and so have we as we leverage on our extensive knowledge and technical expertise to value-add our customers through professional consultation and recommendations.

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Learn to Identify Signs of Termite Infestation & Hot Spots in Your Home

What do termites look like? Termites are often mistaken for ants and often it is too late to discover that they are actually termites when the damages to homes have already been made. One useful tip to identify termites versus ants is that the middle section of its waist is much thicker than those of ants; ants have very thin waists. 

Here are some tell-tale signs of termites which indicate presence of termites in house: 

  • Mud tubes on wall 
  • Discarded wings of flying termites 
  • Papery feeling or hollow sounding wood 
  • Termite droppings (for drywood termites, they excrete brown-coloured grainy faecal pellets) 

There are some hot spots for termites in your home you can learn to identify to check for termite infestation and their activities: 

  • Doors and Window Frames 
  • Parquet Flooring 
  • Store located under staircase 
  • Roof and Ceiling 
  • Built In Cabinets 

Regular routine inspection by a licensed pest control technician can help to early detect presence of termites. Experienced technicians are able to detect hollow sounds in wood and the sound respond of soldier termites “creaking” sound when tapped. Indication of an infestation is not easily detected by untrained eyes.

Meet Your New Friend- The Subterranean Termite (also known as ‘white ant’)

“Hi there! Cellulose and anything that is wood is my favorite food and I eat non-stop for 24 hours a day! I easily crawl through a crack that is just 1.5mm small to get into your home from below ground. You may think that I am a small ant yet what my entire colony and I can do is to eat from inside out your home structures and fittings. By then, it will be too late for you.”

“And yes, I am one of the most feared pests by home owners- a subterranean termite, also known as ‘white ant’.” 

White ants are silent destroyers, it may become too late when you start to notice them. Termites damage property material which are based on cellulose- documents, furniture and door frames. Some items which are damaged are too valuable, and may not be replaceable. And these include documents and buildings with heritage value. Termite damage can be costly to repair and replace.

Protecting Your Home from Termites

Today, most home owners spend substantial effort and time to spruce up their home, covering both exterior and interior of their property. A home is more than just a roof for family, and comfort, aesthetics and safety forms a critical element in their home design. 

The cost of interior design and home renovation becomes a heavy investment for most home owners. 

As the expectations and demands rise among residents, quality of home condition, such as infrastructure and overall cleanliness becomes essential during decision making process when purchasing a property. In some cases, an assessment of the property structure is made, to ensure potential termite infestation is being ruled out. 

Termites, also known as ‘white ants’ in Indonesia, is a challenging pest to manage as they may come from underground and can enter cracks as small as 0.4mm! Termites consume cellulose materials and rarely come to the surface to feed. A silent destroyer, it may become too late when you start to notice them. 

If an infestation is left untreated, it can lead to serious financial and architectural damages. Having termites in your residential home can also subsequently lower the valuation of your property significantly. 

Did You Know? 

  • The coptotermes sp. subterranean termite is considered to be very destructive and the most common cause of damages in houses.
  • Termite eat non stop for 24 hours a day!
  • Most of the insurance companies in Indonesia do not cover financial losses caused by termite damages. 

Take Action Today! 

Give your home and family the peace of mind assurance. Early detectionand regular maintenace can help protect your home and family from damages caused by termite infestations. 

We offer various termite solutions options to suit your home, needs and budget. 

  • Pre and Post Constrution Rentokil Termite Protection Plan
  • Rentokil Termite Inspection Plan
  • Rentokil Termite Baiting Plan 

Depending on your preferences, you may consider the basic and affordable package, the eco-friendly option, comprehensive with added thermal imaging services, or baiting packages that are environmentally friendly and conveniently placed.

Rentokil Pest Control Indonesia

Did you know? Most of the insurance companies in Indonesia do not cover financial or architecture losses and damages caused by termites. The best way to have yourself covered is by having regular termite inspection done by a licensed pest control company. There are pre construction and post construction preventive or treatment methods available to keep these pests out of your home and be free of them. Drop us an online enquiry today at [email protected] for the types of termite treatment and termite protection Rentokil offers.

If an infestation is left untreated, it can lead to serious damages. Termites cause extensive damage to your home furniture, architectural fittings and parquet flooring. It can cost you from hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair these damages. Having termites in your residential home can also subsequently lower the valuation of your property significantly.

Why is DIY Termite Solutions Harmful?

In today’s standard of living, where most home owners are engaged in busy work schedule, DIY alternatives has become a popular and commend trend to pick up at home. Be it, renovation, carpentry, painting works etc, DIY has form a common lifestyle habit. Because of its low cost nature, most of us would be drawn to DIY solutions as quick and cheap fix remedy. 

While some pests infestation which are still in controllable stage and could be managed diligently with proper housekeeping and simple DIY pest solutions, termite on the other hand is a destructive pest to a home which DIY solutions might not be suitable to adopt. Home owners could subject to some risks and disadvantages such as

  • Health risks: Some of the off the shelve termiticides may be toxic to humans and incorrect application and dilution process can pose harm to your family’s health and safety. Hence, it is important to have a professional and licensed specialist to perform chemical application to your home.
  • Financial risks: As you might have insufficient knowledge or ability to identify the root source of the infestation, performing DIY solutions in a less precise and targeted manner could mean driving existing termites to forage to other parts of your home, prolonged infestation and resulting in further damages with costlier salvaging needs. 
  • Efficacy risks: There is different termite species that requires different treatment and methods, and a “1 size fits all” DIY solution might not work in getting rid of the specific termites present in your home. This results in delay treatment, and can potentially cause quick and further damage to your home. 

Did you know? Termites can cause structural damage to a home in 6 months? A mature colony consists of 350,000 termite workers who consume 31 grams of wood in a day. You can imagine the detrimental impact to your home if you subject to damage risks while seeking DIY solutions.

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Protect Your Picture-Perfect Home From Termite

Passion in home designs brings home owners to exploration of different concepts and styles ranging from Modern Contemporary, Mediterranean to Scandinavian. These differentiated tastes will make the very first step toward building that dream home!

Indulging in creative home and living ideas to build the perfect love nest for a new couple living together has become a hobby inspired for a better living space.

With many home and décor advices, tutorials and home tour videos readily available online, everywhere is a worthy good source of inspiration. Passion in home designs brings home owners to exploration of different concepts and styles ranging from Modern Contemporary, Mediterranean to Scandinavian. These differentiated tastes will make the very first step toward building that dream home!

Home is more than just a living space with beautiful home and décor. It houses personal and valuable items and provides the most basic need for shelter to the whole family. Especially items that are DIY from scratch; it is a piece of memory and family heritage for the home owners.

Yet all these could be damaged and taken away overnight or in a matter of short time. What is the one small but powerful home pest found in Indonesia which can take away your dream home? The answer is- Termite. Yes, termites can literally eat away your dream home.

All homes deserve to be well protected for the health and safety of your family and loved ones. Home owners wanting to achieve a picture-perfect home can do it with a peace of mind now and be a truly home proud owner today.

Wood, plant, paper, cellulose, moisture makes a good food menu for termites; these are all it takes for a termite colony to be well fed 24 hours a day as they feed non-stop. 

Termites, also commonly known to many home owners as ‘white ants’, are not ants. It only takes one colony to destroy a house. Termite is a financially and architectural damaging pest.

Hot spots at home to termite damage:

  • Door and window frames
  • Flooring, wall panels
  • Roof and ceiling, staircases
  • Built in cabinets

Termite unlike any other common pest is challenging to identify and manage. Professional pest control services in Indonesia can help to protect and guard your home.

Rentokil the Experts in Pest Control with more than 50 years of experience in local pest control service understands your worrying issue. We are here to extend care and expertise to alleviate hassles and optimize your comfort and safety.

Early detection and regular maintenance can help to protect your home and family from harm caused by pests. You can contact us at 150808 or drop us an email to [email protected]

Your dream house could be your real nightmare

While we take a moment to appreciate the exquisite interior design, have you noticed one thing in common?

Yes, wooden material is used almost everywhere. Indeed, many interior designs would include the use of wooden material because it is a such a timeless classic with a hint of elegance. However, has it ever crossed your mind that it may be infested with a universal annihilator known as termites? 

Termites (commonly known as ‘white ants’) are the number one most feared pest by homeowners simply because they are soundless annihilator that discreetly destroys your expensive furniture. The reason why termites are hard to spot is because they grow inside the wooden material. Here are some basic knowledge about termite and how to prevent them.


  1. Soft bodied
  2. Pale coloured (almost translucent)
  3. About ½-¼ inch long, the king & queen can reach up to an inch long

Very often, homeowners are confused with identifying termites as they look very similar to ants. Here is a simple guide at one glance.

Dietary Habit:

Termites consume cellulose-based wood material which is commonly used in furniture and interior design. Apart from wooden furniture, papers, card boxes and books are delicious food sources for termites.

Signs to spot termites:

  1. Conduct regular checks through knocking against the wooden material. Listen carefully if there is a hollow sound, and if there is, there is a chance the interior of the piece of wood has been eaten up by the termites.
  2. Look out for honeycomb patterns on the surface of suspected infested piece of wood.
  3. Look out for termites droppings around suspected areas. The droppings are small brown pile of pellets accumulated on the floor.
  4. Wings of the similar size (look like tiny fish scales) shredded near suspected areas.

How to prevent termites from breeding:

  1. Just like any other creatures, termites would need water to survive. Thus, make sure there are no leaks in your home. High moisture level is an open invitation for termites to breed.
  2. Smart storage is vital. Use plastic boxes instead of wooden boxes for your storage.
  3. Remove bark or tree stumps from your yard.

All in all, termites are a real nightmare a homeowner may face. To prevent all the troubles, extra attention is needed. Thus, conduct regular checks on your own and do not hesitate to hire pest control specialist when you suspect there might be a termite outbreak in your home. Rentokil promises to deliver a fuss-free and safe solutions for the homeowners as well as effective and responsive eradication against those bothersome termites. Call 150808 or fill in contact form for an inspection today!

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