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How To Get Rid of Termites

Do you Think you Have Termites?

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Identify Your Pest

Termites is also known as 'white ants' is often mistaken for as an ant. The main difference between termite and ant is that termite has a much thicker waist than an ant.

In this case, you would need to be sure if termites are attacking your home or building and not ants. Termite is one of the more architectural and financially damaging pests.

The situation can be more challenging as termites eat from the inside out, rarely coming to the surface to feed. Discovery is usually too late by then in which termite damage has been done. While it is quite unlikely to see a live termite crawling out from its colony nest, live termites feeding from the inside i.e. door frames, furniture pieces, roof beams can be detected using heat technology.

Knowing the signs of termites is therefore important to correctly identify the termite pest on your property. Mud trails build by termites for them to move around in is one of the key signs. Wooden furniture that have been chewed on have a hollow sound when knocked on.

Correct identification by a professional and trained pest controller will help to identify further and assess the level of termite infestation. Sound advices from the experts help to save you time, money and worry.

Choose Your Method

Prevent and Protect

When it comes to termites, taking proactive steps in termite control protect your structure and valuables.

Prevention of terrmites can be done such as creating an anti-termite barrier on the soil beneath the property in the case of a Pre-construction Termite Protection Plan. A Termite Inspection Plan can help to monitor and heighten the awareness of termite activity should there be one.

Protect against further termite damage when an infestataion occurs by eliminating them with a Post-construction Termite Protection Plan. A Colony Elimination Baiting Plan have baits placed strategically in the ground or above-ground to address sites with active termite activity.


10 Things to Know to Protect Against Termites

  1. Fix leaking pipes and taps. It also important to keep structures dry to avoid giving termites sources of water.
  2. Seal all cracks around utility and water pipes to keep termites from crawling through these in search of food.
  3. Remove possible food sources, including unused timbre, stumps or debris from your premises.
  4. Avoid using mulch on garden beds adjacent to the house.
  5. Remove all occurrences of tree branches touching the house structure.
  6. Look out for mud shelter tubes which subterranean termites build out of mud, faecal matter and saliva to move above ground in search of food.
  7. Especially discarded termite wings on window sills and floors.
  8. Faecal pellets which are the droppings of drywood termites after consuming wood.
  9. Papery or hollow sounding timbre when tapped; termites feed from inside out.
  10. Tight fitting and hard to open doors or windows.

Benefits of a Professional Termite Control Service

How to Get Rid of Termites in Your Home and Business

Termites is also widely known as "silent destroyers", which consider as a challenging pest to manage as they can enter cracks as small as 0.4mm. It often becomes too late when you start noticing tell-tale signs. There are various termite solutions and recommendations to protect your structure in an effective, safe, responsive and environmentally-friendly manner.

We understand pests can be a worrying issue. We are here to extend our care and expertise to alleviate these hassles and optimise your comfort and safety. Early detection and regular maintenance can help protect your home and family from harm caused by the termite pest.

How To Choose your Pest Control Professional

To find the right professional pest control company, you need to ensure the entire organization, as well as the pest control technicians are able to fulfill key criteria.

You should expect the same level of competence and duty of care as provided by any other professional service provider.

A good pest partner should be able to anticipate and answer all your health and safety concerns. Services and treatments should be tailored to suit your needs as much as possible.

Crucially a professional should also respect your home, property or business site and operate with the greatest care and attention. He or she should be able to voice any challenges or restrictions right from the start. Equally, as a customer, you should always feel able to voice any concerns and ask as many questions as you need to.

Key criteria for Selection:

  1. Certifications - licenses and certifications will demonstrate that your treatments are carried out to the highest industry standard practices.
  2. Affiliated associations - membership of recognized industry associations such as the Association of Indonesian Pest Control Company will ensure your services are provided by a trained, insured and trusted company, which has to comply with strict membership criteria.
  3. Personal recommendations - even today, word-of-mouth and personal recommendations can be more powerful than a company’s own word. Speak to neighbors, peers, friends or family to find out about customer satisfaction.
  4. Transparency - complete honesty and transparency early-on regarding the cost, level and duration of treatment required will help you see if the company is reliable.
  5. Expertise & experience - a well established, recognized company can offer a peace of mind in the services provided and its relationship with customers.

Why Use Rentokil

With Rentokil Pest Control, you can be assured of complete pest protection.

Our focus on control solutions will ensure complete removal of your pest problem. At the same time, our approach to pest protection will help your home or business remain pest-free long-term.

With over 45 years of experience serving pest control customers, our expertise in the industry should reassure you of the quality of our service and our expertly trained pest control technicians.

  • We tailor our products to target pests by species.
  • We customize our solutions based on the uniqueness of your home, building or business premises - recognizing that every pest problem is different.
  • We use advanced solutions approved by industry governing bodies - helping to ensure reliability and success.
  • Our large network of entomologists and field biologists support the services and products used by our technicians on-site.

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