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Why do termites eat wood?

There are few things that termites need to fulfil in order to survive, these include water, shelter and cellulose.

Cellulose is the primary food source all termites need in order to keep alive. They feed on dead plants, wood in the soil and products made of wood by deriving its nutrients and moisture.

How termites digest wood?

Termites are known as detritivores or detritus feeders, which means they feed on dead plants and trees as well as wood and wood in the soil.

How do termites digest cellulose?

Termites mouth can tear a big chunk of woody material. They have a microbe or protozoa in their stomach that breaks down any ingested cellulose into its simpler form, which is difficult for other creatures to digest.

How do termites find wood?

Since termites are a species of wood-boring insect, they attack any wood in your property and they capable to eat a lot of it in a short time.

Below are the difference between drywood and subterranean termites in finding woods.

How do subterranean termites find wood?

These type of termites live in the soil and build mud tunnels that made from saliva, mud and faeces. This mud tunnels often found near homes and even inside spaces within the walls to reach where the wood is in the house. Subterranean termites can cause structural property damage faster than drywood termites.

How do drywood termites find wood?

In contrary with subterranean termites, the drywood termites are very dependent on moisture and feed on decayed wood such as old tree stumps, rotting logs and pieces of buried timbers. They do not come from the soil but spend their entire lives in the wood they eat.

What do termites eat besides wood?

Have you ever wondered what do termites eat other than wood?

Perhaps you've heard stories that it's uncommon that termites also eat paper, books and even money in Indonesia. Yes, termites could eat paper and/or any material in your property which is made by paper. Because like wood, these materials also contain the nutrients that termites need: cellulose!

How do you keep termites from eating woods?

Almost every properties across Indonesia may be at risk of termite infestations, but do not lose hope. The best way to prevent against termites is really to make your property as inhospitable to them as possible.

It is very important to get your home inspected by professionals at least once annually to ensure that your house is not invaded by termites.

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