How to Kill Termites: The Orange Oil Myth

In some research and DIY tips recommendations, orange oil is said to be an alternate solution in how to get rid of termites in your home. This is due to the major and active ingredient found in orange oil extract it contains d-limonene that has the killing element. 

However, field study shows the orange oil extract has limited efficacy in eliminate termites, potentially due to its short residual effect. Here are some clarifications to the common pest myth:

  •  It serves more as a on the spot treatment “contact killing” function rather than a control function 
  • It does not provide residual effect for colony management, which is typical subterranean termites infestation build-up effect (A colony in fact contains more than 350,000 termite members!) 
  • More suitable for Drywood termites, instead of subterranean termites which are more common in landed homes and properties in Indonesia
  •  No lasting efficacy for assurance and peace of mind. (Termites chew feed on wood 24 hours daily) 

There is also a need to address the common misconception that resolving surface infestation (on-spot treatment) is an eradication solution. While it fixes physical problem and remove obvious tangible symptoms, dealing with root source, which is below and within the structure is not resolved. 

While DIY is common in managing some common pests that are less challenging such as cockroaches and ants, self-help solutions by using orange oil to exterminate termites are highly discouraged. 

This is because the orange oil extract is flammable and acidic, which might increases combustion risks of fire, putting family and home at health and safety risks. As it is extracted from orange peels, it should not be confused with orange consumptions, particularly if there are kids in the home. 

More often, we forgot pests’ travels upwards and sideways. Your home might not be affected or show visible signs of infestation, however because landed homes are usually connected in a cluster or row, your home could be at risks of neighbouring infestation. Seek early home protection is less costly, worry-some and disruptive by reacting to various onsite problems, such as structural damages, cracked walls, collapses ceilings or presence of unsightly mud tubes on the wall. 

If your home is already infested, there are advanced solutions that are eco-friendly and safe, and besides addressing existing termite infestation, it also prevents termites from causing further damage to your home. A 7 years warranty of termite control treatment is provided to give homeowners the additional assurance and peace of mind. 

But to most home owners, they tend to get confused between ants and termites! So, how do we easily differentiate which is actually really crawling in your home?