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How to Minimise the Breeding of Mosquitoes in Your Premises

Nothing takes the fun out of an evening like a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. You can keep mosquito population under control by limiting their habitat on your property.

  • Install mosquito netting/screen on all windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.

  • Remove stagnant water - unused tyres, empty cans and bottles to prevent them from becoming breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes.

  • Clean and discard - any dried leaves that may clog the roof gutters once a week to prevent water stagnation.

  • Cover all water containers - to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

  • Change water - in the vases, pot bases and water containers and add larvicide at least once a month to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. It is recommended for water to be changed at least twice a week and containers have to be brushed.

  • Clean and clear drains - around the house on weekly basis to prevent it from clogging.

  • Keep swimming pool clean - and chlorinated every month even when not in use.


Why do we need to eliminate mosquitoes?

Firstly, mosquitoes bite us to suck blood for their meal and food source (among female species). Secondly, infected mosquitoes can spread diseases such as the dengue fever in Singapore and as well and zika. Thirdly, they can cause annoying mosquito bites, that swells with a raised bump, itch and in some cases, result in skin infection or allergy. Finally, there are more and more dengue clusters developed in Singapore with multiple breeding sources identified. In summary, having adequate mosquito control can protect ourselves from health risks.

Mosquito control with Rentokil

It is bad enough when you have mosquitoes in your garden, which prevent you from going outdoors. It seems almost worse if mosquitoes have managed to fly inside your home and make you feel like your home has been invaded. Especially mosquitoes species such as Aedes Mosquitoes are active in the day time, and put us at risk of contracting of dengue fever. You can consider mosquito control options including installing of mosquito traps that eliminates both adult mosquitoes and mosquito breeding (or larvae), water-based fogging and larviciding treatment on stagnant water, along drains and common receptacles.

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