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Do Mosquitoes Choose Who to Bite?

Did you know? Mosquitoes although tiny, are affecting millions of people worldwide with the diseases they carry and spread when they bite humans.

Mosquitoes pose great impact on humans’s safety

They are cited as the world’s deadliest pests. At its peak in 2014, the number of cases went up to as high as 891 in the year! As of 15 December 2018, the total number of reported dengue cases reaches 109 with 100 mosquito breeding sites found and destroyed only recently in a residential neighborhood.

In recent years, with global warming and a rising temperature, this warmer weather has made it more favorable for mosquitoes to breed, and making its eggs to hatch faster than ever before.

If you have not heard, the Wolbachia Project by Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA) to release wolbachia-infected male mosquitoes to mate with female mosquitoes is one of the strategies to fight against the rising mosquito population in residential areas. The male wolbachia causes the female eggs not being able to hatch, effectively bringing down the mosquito population in the long term.

Our local communities can work their part in fighting the rise of mosquitoes, playing a pivotal role as well. We must take care to not let mosquitoes breed in our own homes, and among common areas.

Do mosquitoes choose who to bite?

Because of their notorious status as a house pest, people have created various perceptions about mosquitoes.  One of the more popular myths surrounding mosquitoes include: A mosquito chooses who it bites!

You may have come across this scenario at home in the evening, with your whole family sitting down together in the living room, watching a television program. Unknowingly, you begin to scratch yourself, looking down to find fresh bites of red welts, itchy and swollen at the same time! Yet, no one else in the living room gets the bites, except you.

The answer is, there is a certain misconception that mosquitoes choose who they want to bite. Experts note that regardless of age, gender, blood chemistry, or food preference, mosquitoes will bite you. It’s just that in some cases, some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others.

These people are the ones who generate a lot of heat, like people who sweat and exhale more, for example, someone whom has just exercised.

Debugging common mosquito myths

What makes you attractive to mosquitoes? Read some really useful answers to quell the myths surrounding getting bitten by mosquitoes here

Another popular mosquito myth surrounds the use of homemade or natural ingredients such as lemongrass. It is important to note that repellents, being repellents, they do not have enough dosage of its active ingredients to serve as a mosquito control method. We need to solve the root cause in a case of mosquito infestation.

Read Is Lemongrass the Most Effective Mosquito Repellent?

Take proactive actions against breeding and adult mosquitoes

The fight with mosquitoes, dengue disease and its rising population do not end here. You must learn how to prevent and protect yourself. Even with these tips above, it is crucial that you seek professional help for an enhanced protection.

Find out about the solutions available against mosquito breeding and adult mosquitoes control. Chat with the experts at Rentokil Pest control today. Call (65) 6347 8138 to find out more.

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