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Is Lemongrass the Most Effective Mosquito Repellent?

Lemongrass, a common ingredient used either in dining or as an ambient scent used in recreational spa and lifestyle activities, are also often to perceived as a pest control solution alternative for mosquitoes.


Is lemongrass the most effective mosquito repellent? Some would say that mosquitoes simply dislike the smell of lemongrass. Some research has it that lemongrass contains citronella oil and musk scents that attract mosquitoes such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid found in humans.  

Lemongrass vs citronella: what is the difference and which is effective as a mosquito repellent

Due to their similar appearance, lemongrass and citronella are often mistaken to be the same plant when they are actually two different plants. Citronella usually have a reddish pseudostem (the part nearest to the ground) while lemongrass is uniformly green. In any case, citronella and lemongrass are used extensively as a natural mosquito repellent. Both of them contain the compound citronella that helps to mask the scents that mosquitoes rely on to target hosts which is carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

How does mosquito repellent works?

In other words, by applying repellent with citronella oil ingredients, it blocks the scents being sensed by mosquitoes.  This makes it harder for mosquitoes to locate you. Research has shown that citronella helps to reduce mosquito landing around 40%.

It is important to highlight that these natural repellents provide some form of repellent against mosquitoes; however the active ingredient dosage level is not adequate to serve as a mosquito control solution.  Besides providing limited protection against adult mosquitoes, undiluted essential oil is hazardous to health and safety. It may burn your skin when comes into contact with, due to its high citral content. Some individuals might be also sensitive and result in allergies, skin irritation or rashes.

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Constantly remain vigilant against Dengue Fever in Singapore

Dengue fever has been a constant and ongoing health challenge in Singapore with more dengue clusters forming around the island. In addition, with the newly active dominant dengue strain, the Denv-3, it is even more important to stay vigilant against Aedes Mosquitoes by taking active mosquito control measures. Repelling and protecting with lemongrass is not sufficient to protect your own safety and in dealing with the surge of dengue cases in Singapore.

Controlling your mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors

Do you know mosquitoes travel and is not just an outdoor pest problem. Pest entries are possible so long as there is an opening, including windows and balcony, ventilator and tiniest possible cracks and crevices around your home.

Install the In2care Mosquito Trap that is designed to control both adult population and their larvae by spreading the active ingredient and stop any transmission of dengue disease. Mosclean, an indoor trap can also be deployed for additional protection, especially for homeowners who work from home during this COVID-19 pandemic period.

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Rentokil's solutions against mosquitoes

As our standard of living enhances, our needs and concerns on safe, natural alternatives are also increasing. Rentokil designs a complete mosquito protection that enhances safety, such as utilizing water-based fogging to eliminate adult mosquitoes, or water-based misting, a form of fumigation solution to eliminate air-borne pests within inaccessible areas such as cracks and crevices. Due to its small particle size nature (around 25 microns), it has a thorough penetration and contains low toxicity level, and not posing any harmful health effects to the public.

There is also an environmentally-friendly mosquito larval control, with the application of BTI to manage breeding sources such as stagnant water surfaces, slow flowing water surfaces or stagnant water collections including concrete-lined drains, tunnel, swamps, ground puddles and depressions.

Effective mosquito repellent and control

Controlling mosquito population can be challenging, as they can travel from location to location, and should breeding sources are not controlled, the reproduction of these larvae and pupae will drive higher adult mosquito population. Find out where are the common breeding sources and what steps can be taken to eliminate them.

The most effective mosquito repellent for your family’s protection is to adopt a full integrated mosquito program to safeguard from risks and dangers arising from mosquito’s infestation such as Dengue Fever and Zika. Drop us a quick online form today.


Frequently-asked questions about mosquitoes

What is the difference between Dengue fever and Zika?

The main difference between Dengue fever and Zika lies in the severity of their symptoms. Both viruses cause fever, muscle and joint pain, headaches but the symptoms are worse for dengue. In addition, those infected with dengue may experience skin rashes, nausea and vomiting. Moreover, Zika symptoms usually subside within 2 weeks while it is much longer for dengue.

What is Denv-3?

DENV-3 is another strain of the dengue fever that has been taking its dominance in Singapore recently. The strain also causes the symptoms of dengue fever to appear but it is more infectious as herd immunity for this strain is low.

Can Dengue fever be transmitted from an infected person?

No. A person can only get dengue fever if they are bitten by an Aedes mosquito that has been infected with the dengue virus.

How frequent should we carry out mosquito treatment?

Mosquito treatments should be carry out on a regular and consistent basis to overcome the life cycle and full development of mosquitoes. You should detection signs of mosquito breeding every few days as they can develop into a full-grown adult mosquito within seven to ten days. Fogging and larviciding can be done every 2 weeks at a minimum or more frequently, depending on the severity. In addition, you may also place mosquito traps that target both adult mosquitoes and larvae where servicing is held every month. Finally, there are occasions where additional and ad-hoc mosquito treatments are required in the event of a spike, epidemic or your premise resides within the dengue cluster in Singapore.

What kind of mosquito treatments are available?

There are DIY pest remedies including using mosquito traps or flying insect screens to block off mosquitoes entries. There are options of DEET-free mosquito repellents or using of citronella to repel mosquitoes. Cleaning up areas of wet puddles and keeping water containers covered is another way of mosquito prevention.

Professional mosquito control on the other hand offers targeted treatments to eliminate adult mosquitoes and breeding larvae through water-based fogging, larviciding and deploying mosquito traps at high key areas such as shady and vegetation sites. In addition, they do inspection (for mosquito breeding) and monitoring of your pest control service to ensure long-term protection and efficacy.

How do I minimise mosquito infestation in my home?

Homeowners can minimise mosquito infestations by:

  • Reducing mosquito breeding grounds by cleaning up puddles of water, wet surfaces and keeping water containers covered
  • Regularly checking their property for leaf litter, pails, and any other objects that can hold water and become breeding grounds for mosquitos.
  • Buying mosquito traps and installing them at windows and main doorways.
  • Engage in regular landscaping and clear clutters in the garden that are potential receptacles
  • Adopt healthy and diligent plant watering habits to avoid water excess or overly dried soil
  • Ensure regular mosquito treatment service in place to control mosquito population

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