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Top 5 reasons why mosquito bites us and the need for mosquito trap

  1. Female mosquitoes need blood to help develop their eggs
  2. It is close to dawn or dusk- the peak feeding time
  3. The heat and carbon dioxide you give out is greater
  4. You have just exercised
  5. You are wearing darker clothings which provide a better contrast for landing cue
Top 5 reasons why mosquito bites us and the need for mosquito trap

Mosquitoes are capable of spreading diseases

Lightweight and small, yet Mosquitoes are known as the world’s most deadliest pest. Capable of spreading diseases such as the Dengue Fever and Zika Virus with just one infected bite, humans are finding themselves engaging in a long-time battle with these pesky fellas.

Did You Know? Mosquitoes can’t see very well and they rely on their sense of smell to locate hosts.

Simple DIY mosquitoes protection tips

  • Install mosquito netting
  • Apply insect repellant
  • Wear long-sleeved clothing
  • Clear stagnant water; remove breeding sources
  • Keep the room cool

In fact, there are some common mozzie myths out there that we have been wondering. Debug these myths here

Adopt an integrated mosquito control protection

Many of the mosquito breeding sites in Singapore are found in residential homes. Home owners should step up vigilance in removing breeding sources to effectively stop the vicious cycle. To deal with this tough pest, you need more than an indoor mosquito trap in place.

While home care serves to prevent and protect your family and loved ones from mosquitoes, professional help for enhanced protection can be done to further control indoor and outdoor mosquito population and breeding.

Mosquito control is not just eliminating the physical adult mozzies flying around, but ensuring we are getting rid of mosquitoes are all life stages. Read here to learn more on adopting an adequate mosquito control programme.

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