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Interesting reasons why are we attracted to mosquitoes

In a recent Facebook poll, we ask our audience about the types of colours that attracted mosquitoes. Approximately 22% of our respondents said that this pest preferred light-colours. Did you guess correctly? Read on to unveil the truth.

Why are we attracted to mosquitoes?

Wearing dark-colored clothing

Mosquitoes are said to be highly visual creatures and tend to be attracted to people wearing dark coloured clothing, but not because they have impeccable taste in fashion and can appreciate classy dark colours (eg: red, dark blue and black). Dark colours stand out more to mosquitoes, helping them to identify their next victims. Hence donning a light-coloured outfit may help reduce those bites.

Carbon dioxide

Mosquitoes can detect the trail of carbon dioxide we breathe out from approximately 30 metres away. A high concentration of carbon dioxide may indicate the presence of a victim and so the more carbon dioxide one emits the more attractive of a target they become. Larger people give out more carbon dioxide than smaller people, which is why mosquitoes tend to bite adults more than children. The same applies for pregnant women who are twice as muchly likely to get bitten, since pregnant women exhale 21% more carbon dioxide. Also, to add on, since we release carbon dioxide through our nose and mouth, mosquitoes tend to hover around our head, which probably explains that irritating buzzing around us at night.

Drinking beer

Who knew that drinking beer could make you the target of every mosquito’s affection? According to Rentokil Singapore’s medical entomologist Dr Chan Hiang Hao, it is possible that alcohol increases one’s body temperature, causing them to sweat more, thereby attracting mosquitoes. Moreover, the carbon dioxide that bubbles out from the bottle or can once opened, could be an additional draw.


Aside from carbon dioxide, lactic acid, uric acid and ammonia are also key components in your sweat . This makes you irresistible to mosquitoes. When you exercise, it increases the amount of uric acid and other compounds found in your sweat. This increased body temperature and make you the ideal target for mosquitoes. So for all you fellow couch potatoes out there — rejoice! This is the perfect excuse for you to avoid exercising.

Skin Bacteria

Each person has approximately a trillion or so microbes that live in his or her skin, pores and hair follicles. Depending on their environment and lifestyle, individuals can have different combinations of microbes. These play a key role in influencing our distinct body odours. The smaller the variation of bacteria, the less inviting one smells to mosquitoes. This explains why we tend to go into a scratching frenzy around the ankles and feet. This is an especially rich source of bacteria with less bacterial diversity. (Note to self: wear socks to bed.)

How to prevent ourselves a target of mozzie?

Obviously, you are not going to spend the rest of your days wearing a white suit and stop breathing altogether. Some factors mentioned are far beyond control. Here are some tips for you to minimise breeding in your homes, protecting you and your loved ones.

Place traps and using repellents for additional protection

There are options of both indoor and outdoor traps to lure and trap flying adult mosquitoes. For additional assurance, you can try applying lemongrass as a repellent. However, repellents is not a long-term and reliable solution.  You can also minimise yourself from being attracted to mosquitoes by following these useful tips.

It is good to adopt an integrated mosquito control protection. Safeguard yourself or your family from these deadly pests. Call (65) 6347 8138 to find out more on various mosquito control options.

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