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Next Generation Remote Mosquito Trap: Biogents BG Counter-2

Pesticide resistance and warming of temperatures have made keeping mosquitoes under control challenging in Singapore. Mosquito control needs to be faster, better, and more effective without the increased use of insecticides that kill pollinators and can adversely affect human health.

Biogent's BG-Counter 2: For highly efficient & effective mosquito control

BG-2 is the first commercially available remote monitoring device in Singapore. The Biogents trap uses a combination of human scent and CO2 to attract mosquitoes and trap them. Smart recognition technology in the BG Counter allows it to distinguish between mosquitoes and larger insects trapped, sending a wireless count of mosquitoes caught to myRentokil.

Effective mosquito control

A better understanding of mosquito behaviour on site. It can show you when mosquitoes are most active or where- allowing us to tailor your mosquito management program to quickly and effectively control mosquitoes.

An Eco-friendly

Understanding mosquito behaviour can lead to a more judicious and focused use of pesticides. Controlling mosquitoes without harming pollinators or other beneficial insects.

Real-time data

As part of Rentokil’s Integrated Mosquito Management program, Biogents is equipped with remote monitoring and automated mosquito counting capabilities, making it easy to keep track of mosquito populations at your premise. It also helps you track if your control methods have been effective.

Is your premise a mosquito hot spot? Choose Rentokil’s Integrated Mosquito Management program for comprehensive Singapore mosquito control and monitoring that you can trust.

Advanced Features of Rentokil's Biogents for Mosquito Control

Biogents is an innovative mosquito trap offering advanced features for efficient and effective mosquito control and monitoring.

Mosquito Counting

Count mosquitoes with a 90% accuracy rate when working with CO2 as an attractant.

High Recording Speed

The device can record up to 5 mosquitoes per second, ensuring accurate and timely data collection.

Non-tox Solution

It uses artificially generated human skin scent and CO2 to imitate human beings to attract mosquitoes.

Environmental friendly

It runs on solar power, is self-sustaining, and is robust and well-protected against weather conditions.

Environmental Data Sampling

Samples local environmental data, such as temperature, humidity, and ambient light, provide valuable insights into mosquito activity and behaviour.

Fast, effective mosquito control

Allows users to manage their traps and analyse their data, increasing efficiency and streamlining the mosquito control process.

Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) is a holistic mosquito control programme encompassing 4 steps: Exclusion, Restriction, Treatment (Destruction) and Monitoring. IMM is specially designed to attack a mosquito’s life cycle at every stage by combining science-based control methods with innovative solutions to manage your infestation.

Mosquitoes are known to transmit diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, and West Nile virus, among others. These diseases can be serious and even life-threatening in some cases. Therefore, taking measures to control the mosquito population around your home and community is important.

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Did you know?

You could be placing yourself with indoor mosquito infestation risks. Mosquito breeding opportunities in stagnant water can be established through various sources.