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Dengue in Singapore: Is Having the Best Mosquito Repellent Enough?

Getting an Aedes mosquito bite in Singapore and possibly contracting Dengue Fever is definitely what people would want to avoid. With mosquito repellent and mosquito patches flying off retail shelves, families with the old and young, especially pregnant women are taking extra precautions against Zika virus (transmitted by the same Aedes mosquito).

A good mosquito repellent is a must-to-have. While protection is important, prevention of mosquito breeding is actually the best way to eliminate Dengue and Zika virus. 

Did you know? Water breeding is one major contribution to Aedes mosquito population. There are innovations to address breeding risks in big water coverage area with stagnant water. Find out how using sound energy helps to control mosquito breeding at its larvae and pupae stages…


Using sound transmission to control immature mosquito stages

As we are in the urbanization era, the shift in landscape and infrastructure design on one hand promotes modernization, while on the other hand it might introduce infestation risks. For instance, aesthetics are been built as part of facility design and structure establishment, however, some features are actually common source of mosquito breeding. 

Water fountain or water features can help enhance the overall ambiance of the environment, exuding nature and relaxing mood to end users. Aquatic ponds are also another aesthetic and lifestyle alternative to spruce up a home, work compound, or retail/service centric environment, i.e. recreation club or spa center. Swimming pools are also often used amongst sports and health enthusiast. 

These features and facilities have 1 thing in common - A common breeding source for Aedes Mosquitoes (carrier of both Dengue Fever & Zika virus) if left untreated or managed properly. As it forms a large treatment area, efficiency, efficacy, productivity and adequate coverage has to be ensured, to prevent negligence while optimising the health and safety of the public. 

acoutiistic larvicide solution

Acoutistic Larvicide Solution

Acoutistic Larvicide Solution, an environmentally-friendly innovation is available to control immature mosquitoes including pupae and larvae stages. The innovation uses sound transmission released within the water to create rupturing effect of the Dorsal Tracheal Trunk, and damages and traumatizes the surrounding tissues and organs. The affected larvae losses its buoyancy as a result, drowns and sinks. They are unable to pupate, emerge or results in instant death. 

What this means in terms of mosquito control is the reduction of mosquito breeding count, and impaired mobility among adults affected by the solution during its immature stage. Why the innovation is important, besides the rising urbanization, there is also a risk trend of mosquito resistance to pesticides. 

If you have a pool facility, water feature pond or fountain in your residential home or work space, find out more how the new Acoustic Larvicide Solution can help protect your family, guests and employees from mosquito breeding risks. Stop that Aedes mosquito bite today. Drop your online enquiry here or call  (65) 6347 8138.

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