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Fumigation services

Effective against all stages of insect development and used to help eradicate a variety of pests, fumigation is particularly effective where global trade is involved, such as in agriculture and warehousing facilities.

Fumigation is a complex pest control method with many variables that need to be considered for the treatment to be carried out safely, legally and effectively. Rentokil offers expert commercial fumigation services to support businesses worldwide, not only ensuring commercial properties and business assets are kept pest-free, but that services are delivered by competent and licensed technicians with the required knowledge, skill and experience.

Commodity fumigation

The treatment of a product by a gas, chemical or other process to eliminate the risk of a pest infestation. A commodity can be anything from grain to personal effects imported or exported from one country or state to another.

Container fumigation

The process of import or export provides pests many opportunities to infest the cargo and enter into the country. Quarantine fumigation of cargo containers keeps these disease-carrying pests from doing so.

Heat treatments

Heat treatment is used for the sterilisation and / or devitalisation of both imported and exported goods without the use of toxic gases. It is an environmentally friendly solution that is safe and harmless to your goods and products.

ISPM-15 fumigation

Rentokil can offer a range of fumigation to treat wood packaging and is a certified company under the ISPM-15 scheme, preventing the global spread of timber pests.

Shipping fumigation

Shipping fumigation involves the treatment of the holds of a ship (whether they be full of commodity or empty) or the treatment of certain areas within the superstructure of the ship itself.


Your local fumigation experts

It is a Rentokil requirement that every fumigator is trained in heat treatments,  the use of the particular fumigant and activity, and is licensed and accredited. Rentokil holds approved arrangements with MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) and all Rentokil Fumigators are accredited and trained to complete Methyl Bromide Imports. 

Our local teams offer a wide range of global innovations and fumigation solutions for the most effective outcome.


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How do we determine what fumigant should be used?

We continue to keep abreast of the different types of fumigants and with our global reach and expert advice we are able to give the best fumigation solution, taking into account the environment, the type of fumigation and the pest we are controlling.


Depending if you are fumigating a small crate or whole building or vessel, we will assess the situation and be able to advise the correct fumigant for that environment.

Type of fumigation

Different types of fumigation will set the best solution. This can include, but not limited to, the type of commodity requiring fumigation, or if it is under biosecurity advice such as import or export requirements.

Pest species

Some pests can be resilient to some forms of fumigants and therefore it is important that we understand the pest species we are trying to control so we can give you the best expert advice on the type of fumigant.

Fumigants and residue

The term ‘fumigation’ is a word that often gets misused and can be confused with airborne pesticide or disinfection treatments. Fumigation is the process of using a pesticide in a pure gaseous form. Like any gas there is no residue and once the fumigation is completed and the fumigant is cleared, there is no residue left after completion.


How do we keep safe from fumigants?

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of rapidly changing procedures and treatments available to offer the most effective fumigation solutions. Rentokil provides clearance checks to ensure your staff, clients and contractors are safe from fumigants. The below factors are taken into consideration to help keep you safe:

Fumigant storage, transport, and control

Fumigants are closely monitored, stored externally and transported separately from generic pest control products.

Gas detection and awareness

Fumigators are provided with electronic equipment and personal gas detectors to constantly track changing gas concentrations.

Use of respiratory protective equipment

Self-contained breathing apparatus are used in situations where colleagues are likely to be exposed to gas concentrations.

Commercial pest control

Rentokil provides industry-specific commercial pest management solutions to help keep your business protected from pests.

About Rentokil

Rentokil creates cutting-edge pest control innovations, provides sustainable service solutions and strives to protect people and enhance lives in the communities we serve