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Bird control methods

Pest birds include pigeons, starlings, sparrows and Seagulls. Bird control will remove the risk of building damage and damage to human health as pest birds are known to carry lice ticks and fleas linked to the spread of disease. Rentokil offers are comprehensive range of bird control solutions installed by our accredited team of technicians.

Bird netting

Rentokil bird netting solutions provide durable netted coverage to exposed roofing, awnings and all surfaces that pest birds like to land on. Bird netting provides an immediate, effective and discreet solution to rid an area of pest bird problems. 

Our nets are designed to provide 100% exclusion of birds. They aim to eliminate birds from roosting and nesting in roof spaces, crevices and exposed roof areas.

Every bird netting installation is unique and customised to the building it will protect. Rentokil bird netting comes with a 3 - 5 year guarantee and is made from materials that can withstand the New Zealand climate.

  • Ideal for those who want an immediate solution
  • Same-day installation in most circumstances without disruption to staff or customers 
  • 100% humane approach to bird control

Bird spikes

This remarkably effective bird control system consists of stainless steel springs and wires tightly fixed between stainless steel pillars. Bird spikes can be fitted to most exterior surfaces, preventing problems associated with birds landing on ledges and leaving unsightly, hazardous droppings. 

Rentokil bird spike solutions are discreet and offer an effective and barely visible control method to keep your property and staff and customer protected from pest birds.

  • Best suited for buildings experiencing issues with larger pest birds such as Pigeons or Seagulls
  • Not suitable for smaller pest bird species such as the Indian Myna or Starlings
  • 100% humane approach to bird control

Electronic bird deterrent

Our electric bird deterrent system, Flex Track, offers peace of mind by providing a complete and reliable bird control solution for your business. A charger sends out a harmless yet noticeable pulse down the track every two to three seconds. This electric pulse lasts for only a fraction of a second. The birds are not harmed, but they do learn that the protected surface is to be avoided in the future. 

Made of established PVC and stainless steel, the Rentokil electric bird deterrent is a durable and long-lasting solution.

  • Suited to any building shape
  • Very discreet solution - virtually invisible solution which blends into the facade of the building (6mm and available in a variety of colours)

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