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Other industries

With many industries in New Zealand requiring a zero-tolerance approach to pests, we understand how a pest-free environment is critical to your business. Rentokil works proactively with you to help prevent pest infestations, manage pest outbreaks, monitor and mitigate risks to your business operations. We work in compliance with New Zealand industry best practices, food standards and all local legislation.

Dairy industry

Many Kiwis rely on and thrive because of our world famous dairy industry. Strategies to reduce the risk of pest infestation is paramount to the ongoing productivity and success of the industry. From brand reputation to protection of human health, Rentokil supports the dairy industry with a broad range of expertise and solutions to minimise risk and enhance a proactive approach to pest management.

Farming and agriculture

Expert pest control services to protect your livestock, property, land and stored products against the threat of farm pests. Rentokil supports hundreds of farming businesses across New Zealand with tailored approaches to pest management that are specific to the farming industry. A proactive approach to pest prevention will minimise any risk to livestock or crops and ensure the ongoing productivity is not compromised due to infestation.

Facility management

Rentokil supports many facility management companies in New Zealand and has forged close partnerships with some of the larger FMs across our range of pest solutions and of course, our expertise. We take the pain out of the management of pest control in small, medium and of course large scale buildings to offer our facility management customers peace of mind, that they in turn can offer to their tenants and clients.

Local government

Rentokil helps local councils provide safe, clean and enjoyable public spaces and council facilities for the community to live, work and play. With pest control solutions tailored to each type of in and outdoor environment, we work very closely with our public sector customers to ensure that the health and wellbeing of Kiwi’s is protected.


Protect against the contamination of raw material, medicines, medical devices and loss of consumer trust with Rentokil’s high dependency pest control team.In a sterile environment it is vital that the site is not compromised by a pest infestation. At Rentokil we use the very latest pest control innovation, supported by the latest science and technology to help protect the pharmaceutical environment.

All services

With over 90 years’ experience, Rentokil is the global leader in pest control, bringing expert pest management services to commercial and residential customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

About Rentokil

Our mission is 'Protecting people, enhancing lives.' We do that by creating groundbreaking pest control innovations, by making our service solutions more sustainable and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work