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Bed bug pest control

For over 60 years, Rentokil Hong Kong has been supplying effective bed bug control solutions designed to protect commercial and residential properties from bed bugs.

Rentokil's highly trained technicians use the latest advancements in bed bug detection and treatments to manage infestations effectively and discreetlly.

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Know your enemy - What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny, reddish-brown insects that consume both human and animal blood as food. They are tough to find and manage since they are nocturnal and like to hide in cracks and crevices during the day.

Because they can be easily moved on clothing, luggage, and other personal items, travel is frequently a contributing factor in the spread of bed bugs. Bed bugs can enter a home through shared areas like laundry rooms or public transit as well as used furniture like beds and couches.

What does bed bug looks like?
What does bed bug looks like?

Rentokil Bug Bugs Treatment Methods

Rentokil’s professional bed bug insecticidal treatments are an effective way of managing bed bug infestations. Various treatments (e.g. steam treatment and chemical spray) are used in the infested area. A thorough insecticide treatment should involve 2-3 repeat visits to address cycle development.

In commercial properties, treatment may be applied in the central location, and adjoining areas to combat bed bug movement. 

Bed bug identification and education

Rentokil helps equip your employees with the knowledge they need to identify bed bugs, signs of a bed bug infestation, and best practices for managing suspected bed bug issues.

By adopting a clear, pre-emptive control strategy your business significantly reduces the risk of deep infestations, which in turn significantly reduces the financial fallout from customer grievances.

Prepare your home for bed bug treatment

Once you’ve booked in with us, see how you can best prepare for our service visit with the below list of preparation steps to ensure effective treatment of bed bugs - and keep them out

Prepare your business for bed bug treatment

Once you’ve booked in with us, be sure to follow the below steps ahead of time to prepare your premises for our service visit to ensure effective treatment of the infested area and surrounds

Your local bed bug control professionals

All Rentokil technicians are highly qualified and trained to industry standards. Rentokil Hong Kong fulfills the global standards and was awarded the ISO Certifications by BSI - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Our local teams offer a wide range of global innovations and termite control solutions for the most effective outcome.

Bed bug control expertise
Protecting commercial and residential properties in Hong Kong from bed bug damage for over 55 years
Trust the experts
Member of Pest Control Personnel Association of Hong Kong (PCPA). Experienced local technicians.
Safe, effective solutions
A broad range of bed bug management options to suit your business or home needs

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does bed bug control cost?

Your bed bug control costs will ultimately reflect the time and effort it will take to manage them in your home or business. The first step in determining the cost of bed bug control is fully understanding the problem. Have bed bugs traveled into other rooms? Have they been spotted in chairs and lounges? Are people being bitten?

To answer all the above questions, Rentokil will need to visit your property to inspect for bed bugs. Following this, the below factors apart will determine the most suitable bed bug treatment and its associated costs.

  • Type of treatment: The treatment required to address the bed bug infestation will relate to the overall costs of the service. There may be a need to combine bed bug control treatment methods and use them in conjunction with each other, whilst at other times one method may suffice. 
  • Number of treatments: Sometimes bed bug management requires multiple treatments for successful control. This can be reflected in the pricing of the bed bug control service.
  • Size of premises & number of rooms: The larger the property, the more time required to successfully locate and treat the bed bug problem. This will affects the cost of the treatment.
  • The severity of bed bug infestation: If many bed bugs are present, or if there is a large infestation within your property, you may require more extensive treatment.

What is the main cause of bed bugs?

The following are common ways bed bugs spread. You can check them out and take care of these behaviors or situations:

  • Suitcases and hotel bed sheets: This is the most common way bed bugs are spread, so don't leave suitcases directly next to your bed when you stay at a hotel or return home after a trip.
  • Used furniture: Buying used items online is very popular these days for cheap and environmentally friendly reasons, but beware of bed bugs on used sofas, mattresses or office chairs that can easily enter your home and cause a nuisance.
  • Long-term furniture items in the seller's warehouse: Sometimes it's not just used furniture, but also items that have been in the seller's warehouse for a long time during the sales process that may have bed bug problems. If the warehouse happens to have items that already harbour bed bugs, with the right temperature and humidity, bed bugs can easily spread to other storage items.
  • Public laundries or public dryers: Public laundries handle clothing from a variety of sources and with varying degrees of hygiene. Use high temperatures for drying clothes, except for non-dryable cotton fabrics, and avoid using public utensils to store clothes.
  • Public transportation causes the spread of bed bugs: Transportation with cloth seats also causes the spread of bed bugs, so wash your clothes as soon as possible after taking such transportation, and do not sit directly on your couch or bed before washing your clothes.

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Bed bugs can quickly spread throughout a house once they are there, infesting rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, and even offices. It's critical to check used furniture for bed bugs and their eggs before bringing it into your house, to wash and dry clothing and bedding with high heat treatment, and to routinely vacuum and organize your home. It's crucial to hire a pest control professional for effective bed bugs treatment methods if you suspect a bed bug infestation.

Can I get rid of bed bugs myself?

If you're not sure how to deal with bed bug-infested furniture in your home, you'll need to clean thoroughly and keep these areas sanitary and ventilated if you want to kill bed bugs quickly.

Behaviors to avoid when dealing with bed bugs

Bed bugs are resistant to many chemicals, and many of the medications on the market are not performing as well as they announced. The following options may cause further spread of infection and pose a risk to your family and pets, so please avoid them if possible.

  • Do not spray insecticidal disinfectants or agricultural insecticides indoors. Since commercially available pesticides and insecticides do not penetrate deep into furniture, they may cause incomplete killing.
  • Do not dispose of furniture directly, as this will not only spread the infection to other areas of the house as the furniture moves, but will also spread bed bugs to public areas.
  • Do not use “bug bombs” (aerosol fogging) as bug bombs cannot reach the cracks and crevices in which the bed bugs live thus may not eliminate bed bugs entirely. Spraying or fogging indoors may cause your family to inhale the insecticide and endanger their health.

At Rentokil, we strongly recommend against carrying out DIY treatments of bed bugs as it is a challenging and time-consuming process that requires expertise and the use of licensed chemical insecticides. Inappropriate pesticide products or the inappropriate use of pesticides can make you or your family, or staff and customers, very sick or make matters worse if left poorly treated.

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Does killing bed bugs attract more?

Getting rid of bed bugs does not make them come back. In fact, it's crucial to get rid of bed bugs as soon as you can to stop their infestation and dispersing to other locations. Warmth, carbon dioxide, and human scents are what attract bed bugs, so it's critical to take precautions to keep them away. Some of these precautions include routinely cleaning bedding, and clothing and vacuuming frequently.

In order to ensure appropriate treatment and bed insect extermination, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional pest control company for fast and thorough bed bugs treatment.

Do bed bugs come back after extermination?

If the proper treatment is not taken, bed bugs may reappear after extermination. To eliminate the root cause and prevent the reoccurring of bed bugs, Rentokil employs a range of proper techniques, such as heat treatments, chemical treatments, and vacuuming, to get rid of bed bugs and prevent it from infesting again.  

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