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Bird control

Bird control is essential to prevent birds nesting and causing damage to your property. Rentokil can tailor customised bird management solutions that are kind to birds whilst protecting your property from damage and destruction.

For over 50 years, we have been supplying humane and effective solutions designed to protect commercial properties from all species of pest birds.

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Bird netting

The net forms a physical barrier that prevents birds from returning to their preferred nesting or roosting sites. 

  • Immediate solution — bird net forms a physical barrier around the premises that prevent birds from returning.
  • Customisable — our bird specialists can provide custom installation to meet your property’s specifications.
  • Durability — High quality netting provide long lasting bird proofing solutions.
  • Discreet — impenetrable barrier that protects the property without affecting its appearance.
  • Cost-effective — nets offer long-term value bird control without harming the birds.

Bird point deterrent

The spikes prevent birds from roosting by gently pushing them off balance and forcing them to alight elsewhere. 

  • Discreet — offers an effective and barely visible control method to keep your property in prime condition and protect your staff and clients.
  • Long lasting — spikes are made of stainless steel with a UV protected polycarbonate base.
  • Cost-effective — this method offers long-term value bird control for your business, saving you from paying hefty cleaning and maintenance bills.
  • Harmless & non-disruptive — humane method which gently pushes the birds off balance and forces them to alight elsewhere.

Professional bird deterrent solutions

Learn more about our bird control methods and why we are the leading solution provider in the industry. 

  • We will make the decision on the necessirt of on-site survey and determine the extent of their infestation, their roosting and nesting sites, evaluate the health and safety risks involved and decide on the best control methods.
  • Clearing of nests and cleaning up of droppings by cleaning contractor of the building. 
  • The service technicians are given extensive trainings on what needed to be done to make sure that the setting up process are in compliance with safety and health policy.

Your local bird control professionals

All Rentokil technicians are highly qualified and trained to industry standards. Rentokil Hong Kong fulfills the global standards and was awarded the ISO Certifications by BSI - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Our local teams offer a wide range of global innovations and bird control solutions for the most effective outcome.

Bird control expertise
Protecting commercial and residential properties in Hong Kong from bird damage for over 55 years
Trust the experts
Member of Pest Control Personnel Association of Hong Kong (PCPA). Experienced local technicians
Safe, effective solutions
A broad range of bird management options to suit your business or home needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of bird nest in my house?

Birds nesting in your home can be a nuisance as they can cause damage and unsanitary conditions. Here are some tips for removing bird nests from your home:

  1. Find the nest: The first step is to locate the nest and determine the species of bird. Different birds have different nesting habits and require different removal methods.
  2. Remove the nest: Once you have found the nest, you can remove it manually. Wear gloves and use a plastic bag to dispose of the nest and any debris. Contact a professional bird control company if you think you might harm the bird or if you don't want to be pecked by the bird.
  3. Seal Entrances: To prevent birds from returning, it is important to seal any entrances that birds may use to enter your home. This may include sealing cracks and crevices around windows and doors, installing screens, bird netting or bird spike repellents.
  4. DIY bird repellents or odorous sprays are not recommended, as they can be harmful to birds and will not significantly help keep birds from approaching your home.
  5. Seek Professional Help: If you are unable to remove nests or deter birds on your own, you may need to seek help from a professional bird pest control service provider.

What is a good bird deterrent?

Bird Spikes (Bird Point Deterrent) by Rentokil
  • Bird Spikes: These are small, pointed devices that can be installed on windowsills, roofs and other surfaces to prevent birds from landing and perching. They are harmless to birds, but can create an uncomfortable surface for birds to avoid.
  • Bird netting: This is a physical barrier that can be installed on balconies, roofs and eaves where birds may roost or nest. This is an effective way to keep birds out of these areas.
  • Bird Repellent Gel: This is an adhesive gel that can be applied to surfaces where birds may land and roost. The gel is harmless to birds, but creates a sticky, unsightly effect on surfaces that birds will avoid.
  • Ultrasonic devices: These devices emit a high-pitched sound that can be heard by birds but not humans. They can be effective in deterring birds from roosting and nesting in certain areas.
  • Visual deterrents: These include products such as reflective tape, scare balloons and predator lures. They work by creating a visual disturbance that birds find threatening or intimidating.

It is important to note that different species of birds may react differently to different types of deterrents. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a pest control professional to determine the best choice of bird deterrent products for your specific situation.

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