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Pests are a major concern of pharmaceutical companies, physicians, wholesalers, pharmacies, clinics, associations, and health insurance providers. Contamination of raw materials, finished products, medicines and medical devices not only destroys the affected goods and causes production losses, but also results in a devastating loss of customer trust.

The pharmaceutical industry a branch of the manufacturing world where pest free conditions are not only necessary, but vital. Just a few pests inside a research and manufacturing facility can ruin research, bring about problems with the product and threaten the health and lives of those who use them. 

The other risk involves the pest control methods used. Improperly treating a pharmaceutical company for pests can also lead to contaminated products that can be dangerous to the public. It's just a fact, pharmaceutical companies need to have totally clean environments to be effective. 

This unique scenario is one that the technicians from Rentokil are capable of handling. We use all of the latest, tools, equipment, detection, removal and prevention methods that match the rules guarding the pharmaceutical industry. We safely and effectively remove pest issues from your facility and then use methods that are effective and reliable to keep them away. 

Rentokil has been serving thousands of manufacturers of pharmaceuticals of all sizes and types worldwide for decades. As industry experts, we know exactly what it takes to fully protect your brand and business against a wide variety of pests. 

Our methods of removal and prevention will ensure that you pass inspections and remained certified to produce pharmaceuticals. We provide you with the documentation you need to show that your facility is free of pest infestations and safe.

Disinfection for the pharmaceutical industry

Besides delivering pest control services for the pharmaceutical industry, Rentokil also offers a disinfection service for businesses to help them handle the effects of COVID-19.

Most common pests in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Stored Product Pests - Stored product pests (also referred to as food pests or fabric pests) will be attracted to the raw materials found in pharmaceutical facilities. From state-of-the-art pest monitoring solutions to fast-acting heat treatments, Rentokil has the tools and expertise to keep stored product pests out of your facility.

  • Flies - Flies and other flying insects are a major concern in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Rentokil’s Lumnia systems utilize the very latest in pest control technology to eliminate contamination risks.

  • Mice and Rats - A rodent infestation can be very problematic for a pharmaceutical facility as mice and rats can spread disease and bacteria. Your dedicated Technician will assess you facility and work with you to select the best combination of rodent solutions for your facility.

The Rentokil Difference

At Rentokil, we recognize the important role of pest control in ensuring that pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with local and national regulations.

Rentokil is well known within the pharmaceutical industry. We’re recognized for providing complete reassurance that your facility will be pest free and in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

We provide specialized service in pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratory areas. Our Technicians and Entomologists will work with you to address any pest concerns and will advise you on the practices and procedures that will reduce the risk of pests entering your facility.


Our industry-leading online reporting system, PestNetOnline, highlights pest control coverage across your entire portfolio of pharmaceutical facilities and highlights any areas with pest infestations or outstanding recommendations. PestNetOnline’s real-time data and online documentation ensures that your pest control records are always complete and up-to-date, providing a full audit trail to satisfy your requirements.

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