fly infestation in business

The impacts fly infestations have on your business

Mona Latif

While flies are known as vectors of disease, their presence can also indicate a sanitation issue that needs attention. Fly infestations at facilities that process, sell, or handle food can put food safety and brand reputation at risk. Flies bring about product contamination that impacts people’s health, necessitates product recalls, and interrupts operations. Additionally, the cost of eliminating the problem negatively affects revenue.

Wherever there is lots of activity around food and water – such as at grocery or convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, food processors, hospitals and healthcare facilities, or logistics operations – there is also dirt, debris, and residue left behind, creating the ideal environment for flies to breed.

In the infographic below, Rentokil Steritech reveals the impact fly infestations can cause businesses. These impacts include loss of income, production damage and disruption, and compensation claims.

How do fly infestations occur?

It doesn’t take much for a fly infestation to start, and it can happen in different areas of your facility. Some fly species, such as small flies, will breed in areas where organic matter builds up or where plumbing is found. Although large flies prefer to breed outside as a result of the conditions they are attracted to, buildings with specific odors are equally as attractive when searching for food and water resources.

Once inside, flies will land on surfaces, products, and food. Doing so spreads bacteria and pathogens they carry on their bodies, leading to product contamination and food poisoning.

Having a comprehensive fly control program that attacks the problem on all fronts is crucial for food-handling businesses. Rentokil Steritech’s solutions for fly control include assessing outdoor areas of the building to look for what might be attracting fly activity, and a patented technology on indoor insect light traps with the Lumnia range of products.

Equipped with LED lights, which are proven to attract and kill more flies than traditional light sources, Lumnia is a highly-attractive insect light trap that comes in three different units suitable for a variety of environments and industries in need for highly effective fly control programs.

If you think you have a fly problem, or if you want to know more about Rentokil Steritech’s fly control solutions, call us at 877-764-0007 or contact us online to schedule a free inspection at your facility.

Mona Latif
Mona Latif

Mona Latif is the Director of Product & Innovation for Rentokil North America. Mona specializes in creating and deploying processes, products and enhancements to improve the overall customer experience. When not at work, Mona is seeking new adventures, taking pictures, shopping and reading.

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