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Common fears of cockroaches for home owners

Cockroach fact

Cockroach is a common pests we all loathe, be it at home or at work. For some, it forms a phobia encountering them.

What are some of the common fears of cockroaches for homeowners?

Many home owners face the fears of the presence of cockroaches in their homes for the well-being of their homes and families. Especially for homes with young children, there are greater concerns should cockroaches be crawling around freely. To get rid of cockroaches has become a priority for health and safety.

Common Fears for Home Owners

  • Cockroaches crawling into kid’s ears
  • Food being ‘run over’ by cockroaches
  • Cockroach bites

What should home owners be afraid of?

To allay the common fears of cockroaches, home owners should be well informed of the actual dangers the pest cockroach is capable of. Usually emerging at night, cockroaches feed on organic or wastage food and water.

Cockroaches commonly create frustration for home owners. Besides cockroaches, common home pests include termites and mosquitoes. And if there are frequent travelers living under the same roof, there might be a possibility of bed bug infestation due to cross-infestation risks. Understanding where these pests are commonly found in various parts f the home and their habits can help create a cosy and safe living environment.

Did you know? Cockroaches carry disease-causing bacteria on their bodies, legs, foot pads, and within their guts.

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Dangers caused by cockroaches

  • Cockroaches spread diseases such as Salmonella, Dysentery and Gastroenteritis.
  • Pests of poor hygiene as they lay around filthy places
  • Contaminate food and cause food poisoning symptoms
  • Stain fabric and surfaces; cockroach droppings

Read more on some real dangers caused by damages.

Benefits when you get rid of cockroaches in homes

  • Eliminate diseases
  • Relief from fear
  • Prevent damage
  • Eliminate contamination and taint in foodstuff

What should you take note when dealing with cockroach infestation?

Firstly, cockroach infestation may not be as obvious as signs of dropping, urine stains, eggs and musty smell can go unnoticed. Secondly, cockroaches emerge at night and if we do spot them in the day time, it could be a heavy infestation has taken place. Thirdly, it is important to address root cause and eliminate source of breeding instead of merely repelling them or eliminate physical cockroaches. Fourthly, cockroach infestation can recur because of inadequate usage habits, poor housekeeping and sanitation or compromised proofing that allow cockroach entries. Above all, you can seek professional pest control recommendations to keep cockroach problem at bay.

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Pest control for cockroaches in homes

Simple pest control for cockroaches in homes can be done with diligent housekeeping duties. Learn more about how to keep cockroaches away here.

For some home owners, despite what they do, problem just do not go away. Read common struggles among them in adopting cockroach control and prevention

Professional pest control for cockroaches in homes can manage a pest infestation that is out of control and poses great danger to the health and safety of you and your loved ones. Get rid of cockroaches in homes today for the peace of mind assurance.

We understand pests at home can be a worrying issue. Call Rentokil Pest Control Singapore at +6563478138 today to get rid of cockroaches in homes.

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