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How do you know if you have a cockroach infestation?

They are most active at night, but do you know that cockroaches can also be found in your home even during mornings and afternoons? When it’s daylight, cockroaches hang out in dark places in your home such as behind your fridge, under the sink, in your laundry area, and underneath appliances and furniture. Cockroaches also have the capability to flatten their bodies so they can fit in small areas like the cracks or opening in your walls.

But if you think that cockroaches can be easily caught or eliminated, then you are wrong. Cockroaches are, just like any other pests, sneaky and challenging. It’s important to detect a cockroach infestation at an early stage to prevent an infestation escalation and reduce its risk to your family’s health. If you want to win the war against these nasty crawlers, you have to be more familiar about the signs of infestation.

Here is list of reasons why it is crucial to understand more about cockroach infestation

Cockroach droppings

If you suddenly see small, black droppings around the house, do not be mistaken it as a spilled ground coffee or black pepper. Cockroaches tend to leave their droppings on visible areas like kitchen counters, dining table, within cabinets or and shelves or anywhere else they crawl and surface. If the droppings are relatively more solid, it could mean presence of adult roaches in your home. A cockroach infestation is likely.

Cockroach eggs

The small, brown egg casing in your home, also known as ‘oothecae’ are cockroaches about to hatch and manifest. Each case can probably hold around 10-20 eggs inside. It’s easy to spot due to its size and visibility, usually bigger than that of a cockroach dropping. Look out for long-rectangle shape like cases, brownish in color.

Cockroach smell

Whenever there is a heavy cockroach infestation, there will be a distinct odour around the house. It has a musty and pungent odour. Even when the cockroaches are removed from your home, their urine and droppings may still leave an unbearable stench within the household.

As it ruins the ambiance of your home, do not hesitate to take quick steps in cleaning up the house diligently as cockroaches are also known to be pest of poor hygiene. Your home can be cultivating poor sanitation standards, leading to the cockroach infestation.

Cockroach sighting

Signs of dead cockroaches around are one sure sign of a cockroach infestation. Some homeowners lay down cockroach traps to catch this night time pest.

The challenge is dead cockroaches are harder to spot, as they go unnoticed in hidden areas such as under the sink, inside your closets and cabinets, under the fridge, under the sofas or other furniture. Diligent inspection routine by pest control professionals helps to identify and remove these problems before they invite secondary pests such as ants to feed on these dead cockroaches.


Seeing roaches during the day is a serious sign of infestation. Simply because cockroaches are biologically nocturnal insects, which means that they look for something to eat during night time and when it’s dark. Trash bins, kitchen, bathroom and grease traps are also other common hot spots you may find a cockroach.

The only time that cockroaches come out in the daytime is when there are a large number of cockroaches vying for an insufficient food supply.

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Cockroach elimination methods that may not work

Cockroaches are nocturnal and hide among hide to spot and reach spaces, thus making cockroach eradication less easy. With lesser knowledge in dealing with cockroach infestation, we can potentially missed the key risk areas, not eliminating the root source or utilising baits and sprays with adequate control efficacy. Most natural home pest remedies are safe; however, they work well by repelling the cockroaches and moving them to other parts of the home, instead of controlling the population.

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Seek early cockroach control treatment

Procrastination or neglecting the obvious symptoms could lead to an amplified problem. Call our hotline at (65) 6347 8138 to get rid of cockroach infestation today.

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