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Complete guide for outdoor disinfection service

During this COVID-19 stage, most individuals and businesses have proactively stepped up their protection against the Coronavirus. As more education and awareness are emphasised in terms of workplace sanitisation and disinfection treatment, here are the 3 common hygiene and sanitisation efforts.

  • Improving the air quality with air purifier with air purification service
  • Enhance hand hygiene by adopting regular hand washing and hand sanitising habits
  • Engage professional disinfection misting treatment

However, do you know? Disinfection service not only covers indoor treatment, but even outdoors. Rentokil shares more about the outdoor surface sanitisation solutions to further strengthen the health and safety of users, and enhance protection against harmful bacteria and viruses, such as the Wuhan coronavirus.

Debugged Blog Complete Guide For Outdoor Disinfection Service Maintain Hand Hygiene Is Essential

Maintaining proper hand hygiene is essential to protect against coronavirus.

Summary of current hygiene and sanitation practices in Singapore

  • Social distancing and minimise mass gathering
  • Staying at home if feeling unwell
  • Put on a mask to avoid spreading bacteria to someone else
  • See a doctor immediately if Novel Coronavirus symptoms develops
  • Comply with travel advisory and declaration
  • Carry out more facility maintenance and cleaning frequency
  • Use of hand soap and sanitisers
  • Install air purifier in homes and offices
Debugged Blog Complete Guide For Outdoor Disinfection Service Regular Cleaning And Sanitising

Regular cleaning and sanitising is critical during the COVID-19 period.

Reasons why outdoor sanitisation and disinfection is important

Air quality is compromised with toxic, gases, smokes and fumes lingers around the air. There is also presence of bacteria and viruses on surfaces we interact. For example, the swings, seats, handles of ball courts, fitness equipment, playground slides and the ground itself. Regardless you are indoor or outdoor, surface sanitisation applies.

Locations that requires outdoor surfaces sanitisation

Besides working in the office, we spend quite an amount of time outdoors by engaging in various activities. Firstly, individuals practising or having interest in sports. Secondly, home residents who engage in morning exercises and strolls. Thirdly, home and gardening activities at the courtyard such as plants and laundries. Finally, family game activities in the garden or park. Here is a list of locations that have some form of risks in bacteria and virus spread:

  • Playground
  • Track and field
  • Courtyard/ backyard
  • Tennis court
  • Fitness corner
  • Home Patio
Debugged Blog Complete Guide For Outdoor Disinfection Service Playground High Traffic Area

Places with high human traffic including the playgrounds are prone to viruses and bacteria.

Rentokil Tea Tree Oil Sanitisation to remove disease-causing organisms

The sanitisation is environmentally friendly, utilising tea tree oil that comes from Manuka tree. It effectively removes harmful bacteria and viruses and can applied on outdoor items, including metallic or plastic material. It takes as quick as 30 seconds for an effect. In addition, natural sanitiser that does not harm pets and humans.

What to expect during the Tea Tree Oil misting treatment

As it is a safe and natural treatment, minimal downtime is experienced. 10 to 15 minutes of ventilation after treatment. Pest Control Company such as Rentokil Pest Control would perform the following to ensure optimal efficacy and protection for a treatment to carry out.

  • Detailed survey of the environment to determine area and size of treatment
  • Site risk assessment for safety examination
  • Pre-treatment checklist to prep before the service
  • Post treatment checklist. In this case, 15 minutes of ventilation is required
  • Pest Control specialist will be geared in proper personal protective equipment (PPE)

What is the pest control price for Tea Tree Oil Sanitisation?

Cost to carry pest control services in Singapore depends on the area size of the premise to be treated, how many storeys, types of solution used, in this case an eco-green pest management active ingredient. In addition, it depends on the number of times you will like to carry out. Find out more on pest control price.

Complete guide to Pest Control

There are many considerations around pest management. Firstly, it involves the health and safety during treatment. Secondly, users will be concerned on the efficacy and effectiveness. Thirdly, we are often not familiar with active ingredients and technical-know-how application. Finally, how much investment and commitment to expect. Here is a list of essential questions relating to pest control services:

Do not forget about outdoor pests activities

While we seek optimal hygiene and sanitisation standards during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to ensure outdoor pest infestation is under control. These outdoor pests carry as much harmful pathogens and vector-borne diseases to cause health implications as well. For example, Aedes mosquitoes can cause the dreadful Dengue Fever, and rats bear bacteria such as Salmonella that causes food poisoning symptoms. If left untreated, outdoor pest can spread indoors through cross-infestation manners or entries via gaps and crevices.

Engaging outdoor pest control with Rentokil

Get rid of mosquitoes with integrated mosquito control

Adult flying mosquitoes are present largely at gardens and parks, particularly in the early morning as we engage in sports and exercises. The risks of being bitten by mosquitoes are high. This is because mozzies are attracted to our body warm and heat and the lactic acid as we perspire. A mosquito control program comprises the following:

  • Water-base fogging that usually takes place every fortnight or longer
  • Larviciding on common mosquito breeding hot spots to remove larvae
  • Outdoor mosquito trap that only traps mozzie but help spread active ingredient widely
  • Indoor mosquito traps for the additional protection with mozzies that are flying in

Rat baits and traps to control rat infestation

Not only are rats a life threat to us, they can cause short circuits and fire as they gnaw on wires. In addition, they are smart pests that are challenging to detect and control. Rat control efficacy can be optimized with digital rodent control. This involves utilising sensing technology and command centre to detect, monitor and control rat activity more efficiently and effectively. The types of lure and alternation of baits matters as well to address rat’s immunity to these baits. Read more on how to get rid of rats in a digitalised manner.

Useful home pest preventive tips to adopt

Coping with pests requires the effort of both users and pest control companies. While we have regular service treatments in place, we can also adopt diligent home pest prevention to optimise the control effort.

  • Keep your place clean from dirt, grime and food source
  • Wipe spaces dry and remove water and moisture
  • Eliminate mosquito breeding sources
  • Do check for structure defects and fix them to prevent pest entry
  • Housekeeping and clutter removals helps reduce hiding nests

Topics people also search and ask

What is surface disinfection?

There are various types of cleaning, sanitising and disinfection efforts. It involves a more specialised and targeted solution conducted by professionals and in proper PPE gear. The applicator such as ULV mister and choice of active ingredient matters to effectively remove pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. Here are some examples of surface cleaning and sanitisation.

Debugged Blog Complete Guide For Outdoor Disinfection Service Understanding More About Bacteria

Understanding more about bacteria.

What are the benefits of surface cleaning?

Ensuring surfaces are wipe-clean from germs, dirt and grime for safety, the other benefits is to remove possible food sources for pests to breed. However, surface sanitisation and disinfection is necessary for the added protection such as removal of bacteria and viruses. Read more on what are some common myths around surface sanitisation that deters them from engaging.

What is the difference between sanitation and disinfection?

The difference includes the mode of removal and reduction of pathogens. While one focuses more on surface cleaning, the other causes disruption of the pathogen. For example, erupting the membranes of bacteria upon contact with the active ingredient.

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