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Complete guide to Singapore green pest control

Everyone is going green one way or another in life and there has been rising awareness on protecting the environment in Singapore. A recent news is reported on CNA about the growing interest and participation in sustaining eco-green activities.

Rentokil Singapore shares how it’s innovation and eco-friendly pest control helps to reinforce the importance of going green while protecting the health and safety of residents and businesses.


Examples of going-green activities

We have observed more Singaporeans adopting a green lifestyle such asWe have observed more Singaporeans adopting a green lifestyle such as:

  • Recycling plastic containers for food storage
  • Stop requesting plastic bags at supermarkets
  • Own a personal cutleries for takeaways and dine-in
  • Driving an electric car
  • Using green products and tools
  • Conscious in water usage. Use a pill to store spare water.
  • Installing energy savings electrical appliance

How to achieve an eco-friendly lifestyle

Debugged Blog Complete Guide To Singapore Pest Control Eco Green Ideas

Current challenges we are facing today

There has been news and articles around the current environmental challenges we are facing around the world today. Firstly, the climate change that is ongoing in some contents. Secondly, the air pollution with release of toxic and gases that affects our health. Thirdly, the growth of carbon print with increase of heat. Fourthly, the decline in natural resources as our usage increase. Finally, the damage of ozone layer that is taking place.

Introducing Rentokil Singapore Green Pest Control

Rentokil Initial embraces corporate social responsibility and offers green pest control services while keeping pest infestation at bay. Some of our eco-friendly pest control methods include:

Get rid of termites with Syngenta Altriset termite treatment services

Homeowners can opt for effective yet safe and non-toxic termite control to get rid of termites. Made of plant extracts with long residual and strong binding effect, the 7 years termite treatment programme and eliminates termite colony effectively. In addition, the active ingredient halts the termite muscles, and prevent them from eating the wood further. In conclusion, it prevents further home damage while protecting your home from termite infestation.

Utilising LED technology to get rid of flies

Lumnia is the first innovation globally designed to eliminate flies infestation. Some of the features includes

  • Energy savings by using LED instead of UV to control flies
  • Larger coverage area with higher catch rate
  • Adaptive mode that accommodates to environment
  • Longer LED tube span of 3 years
  • Attracts and encapsulate flies in hygienic way

Introducing the LED Fly Trap, Lumnia

Debugged Blog Complete Guide To Singapore Pest Control Lumnia

Digitalising rat control to optimise service efficacy

Traditionally, glue boards used to get rid of rats, but over the years, it has shown efficacy gaps and re-infestation incidences. Firstly, we understand the challenges of eliminating rats, due to its smart nature and urbanisation. Secondly, due to its nature of emerging at night for food meals, it makes pest detection and identification harder. Finally, rodent activity and movement are difficult to monitor unless with 24/7 and high labour resources deployed.

The Rat Riddance Connect aims to heighten detection accuracy, identify activity efficiently and control rat infestations effectively. The smart system sends notification when a rat is trapped and avoids trapping non-target species. The productivity derived from the connected technology means, freeing up the pest control specialist’s time to perform proactive onsite pest inspection and recommendations.

Rat Riddance utilises technology to digitalise conventional rat traps

Debugged Blog Complete Guide To Singapore Pest Control Digital Rodent Control

Mosquito pest control that is safe and toxic-free

Getting rid of mosquitoes in Singapore has always been a frustration with the increasing dengue cases. Typically, mosquito control includes fogging and larviciding, and placing mosquito traps to lure and attract them. Besides moving into water-based fogging instead of diesel, Rentokil Singapore introduces the environmentally friendly mosquito trap that eliminates both larvae and adult mosquitoes. Did you know? Fungi is one of the green and safe active ingredients used in this revolutionary In2care trap. Find out more now.

Online Pest Reporting platform to reduce paper use

According to WorldAtlas, it takes up to 24 trees to produce 1 ton of stand paper for office use. To emphasise these actions further, around 80,000 to 160,000 trees chopped daily for paper production! To save these papers and do our part in protecting the environment, Rentokil digitalises all pest service reports and invoicing to paperless. Called the myRentokil, users can access the portal 24/7 anytime and anywhere to view the following:

  • Account details and premise history
  • Service reports
  • Pest trending analysis
  • Service recommendations and housekeeping
  • Regulatory compliance audit documents and MSDS

The use of paper can lead to an increased carbon footprint

Debugged Blog Complete Guide To Singapore Pest Control Save Paper

What does green pest control means to customers

Firstly, the health and safety in terms of exposures to chemical or toxic materials. Secondly, the cost savings in energy consumption. Thirdly, saving the trees with paper reduction. Fourthly, protecting the ozone layer and improving the air quality. Finally, time efficiency and productivity, translating ease and convenience back to uses.

The price of pest control that is eco-green

In fact, the question of how much pest control cost in Singapore is one of the deterring factors  in engaging pest control services. In addition, users will resort to DIY Pest control home remedies to resolve their issues. There are evaluating factors to determine price of pest control that makes it affordable and value for money.

  • Savings in operational and energy consumption costs
  • Cost effective in investing quality pest control. In addition, it reduces re-infestation and the need for additional services to resolve the problem.
  • Longer-lasting protection and promotes cost efficiency long term
  • Value added services that optimises the pest management package

How do you ensure green & best pest control company

Professional pest control services are evaluated and reviewed base on a few criteria:

  • Request for relevant documents and certifications such as SDS and lab test reports
  • Look out for innovation backing such as R&D team
  • Identify the presence of technical expertise for instance medical entomologists
  • Read up on their pest control customer reviews
  • Equip yourself with essential FAQ on choosing the right pest control company
Engage Rentokil Pest Control for your pest management needs

Rentokil Singapore has been the leading pest control experts for over 50 years and achieved various awards and accolades, including the Singapore Quality Class Star, Expat Living Gold Choice, bizSAFE Star and respective ISO and Safety assurance. Secondly, the local brand, which is the winner of Superbrands, is globally known in more than 70 countries. Thirdly, Rentokil achieves over 245 reviews with a 4.4 star rating on Google. Finally, with the largest team of technicians and fleets island-wide, we are able to achieve fast response service.

Call Rentokil Pest Control at (65) 6347 8138 for green pest management today.

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