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Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods For Homes & Businesses

The first thing anyone will do when confronted with a pest is to grab an insect repellent and spray at it, hoping that it eventually runs out of sight. As far as DIY (Do-It-Yourself) pest control methods go, this is the easiest and most popular method in Singapore. However, research has shown that these sprays often contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and even to humans. A small spray of insect repellent can remain in the air for a while. Particularly pests such as cockroaches that glides at lightning speed, we might need several sprays at them with no success of pest elimination. These several sprays could mean accumulating and inhaling volatile organic compounds from the chemical, and putting our health and safety risks in danger in the long term.

As pest control experts are constantly innovating pest control solutions to manage pest infestations safely and effectively, they have uncovered eco-friendly alternatives that are just as effective. Keep reading this article where Rentokil shares eco-green pest control solutions to get rid of pests efficiently.

Three Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods We are All Familiar With

Diatomaceous earth (DE)

A unique type of sand that contains fossilised silica shells of algae known as diatoms, DE has been mined for many years and has numerous applications - from filtering water to making red bricks. Due to the abrasive properties of the shells, DE can pierce the soft exoskeleton of insects and cause them to leak body fluids. This results in pests being dehydrated and eventually dying. As such, DE can get rid of ants and cockroaches, simply by dusting some near the openings or key risk areas where you spotted these pests.

As a DIY remedy, it is more effective as a short-term solution by resolving localised pest problem or repelling them. Pests such as ants and cockroaches tend to have their breeding nests well hidden in dark, quiet and less noticeable parts of the home. This includes the corner of a storeroom, deep within a cabinet, back or bottom of appliances and along cracks and crevices. Eliminating a few of them is not enough to eradicate a pest problem. Moreover, we are resolving the root cause of the problem, or applying elimination at the right identified location. For a more complete and long-term solution, a professional pest control service should be consulted.

Pest traps and sticky pads

Not only do flying pests such as mosquitoes and flies carry and spread harmful diseases to humans, but they are also a nuisance. If you have ever swatted at them, you would know just how difficult they are to catch. Pests such as lizards, ants, cockroaches and rats tend to go escape, as they are either good in hiding or efficient in running. Another common pest management among many is the use of pest traps and sticky boards to trap them. They can be purchased from home-fix stores, retail shops, convenient stores and even online platforms. Simply stick the pads at corners you suspect pests will run through them, sides of cabinets and cupboards and behind electrical appliances.

The other method is to place glue boards below shelves and furniture where it is a potential route for pests to travel through. However, these are either ineffective as we might not place them at the right targeted area or smart pests such as rats will tend to avoid unfamiliar environments and thus, escaping from the trap.

Using natural ingredients as form of pest deterrents

Natural food ingredient are not just for meal intake, but some use them as a form of pest repel. For example, ingredients such as garlic, vinegar, cloves, bay leaves and cinnamon are spices and aromatics with strong pungent smell. Some pests such as ants, cockroaches and rat will resent them. This means, “chasing” them away where spots are filled with these scents for a short while. This may result in them relocating to another spot for nest building.

For scents such as citronella, lemongrass, lavender and other distinctive fragrances, it works by derailing the pests’ direction and navigation. It breaks their sense of chemical signal, thus disrupting their movements temporarily. While these are safe and eco-green, pest efficacy and residual control has little to no effect. It forces pests to merely relocate instead of resolving the root source. Worse of all, it can potentially trigger another pest infestation. Read more on common pest myths when dealing with pests in Singapore.

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Engaging Eco-friendly professional pest control services

Engaging a professional pest control company is still the better choice. This is because they can provide expert solutions tailored to the problem. In addition, they help to optimise the safety of the public and environment. Pest control specialist, such as Rentokil Initial, are constantly researching and adopting eco-friendly techniques and innovations to manage pest problems effectively. Some of these solutions include:

Water-based fogging and eco-friendly larvicide that eliminates mosquitoes

Instead of using diesel or toxic ingredients to fog the environment, or applying chemicals into the water that may harm aquatic, Singapore mosquito control can be eco-green to eliminate adult mosquitoes and their larvae.

Eco-friendly termite treatments

Plant-based and non-toxic termite treatment is available to get rid of termites while enhancing the safety of the family with effective residual effect in controlling the termite colonies for as long as seven to ten years. In addition, the active ingredient is able to paralyse the termites’ muscles. It prevents them from chewing off your wood further and minimise further home damage.

Offering digital reporting services to reduce paper

Customers may log onto a secure site for their pest control information. These include service history, recommendations and pest prevention tips, key risk areas and necessary documents and data sheets for reference. They convenient and easy to access, and available 24/7 daily. Furthermore, it reduces paper consumption and limits potential cross contamination through contact surfaces.

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Using LED technology to get rid of flies

Rentokil LUMNIA LED Fly Trap utilises LED light that promotes energy cost savings. Furthermore, it has a longer usage span and delivers efficient catch rate and wide coverage area. Besides, operating costs in Singapore is high. For multiple outlets that requires numerous units, the LED Fly control can deliver energy consumption savings in a long run.


Eradicating mosquitoes through deployment of mosquito traps with natural ingredient

Another safe, eco-green and contactless pest control method, the In2care Mosquito Trap lures and traps adult mosquitoes. It spreads the active ingredient to other potential mosquito breeding sites, while deterring larvae from developing into an adult. Typically placed along shady, greenery and high vegetation areas, the mosquito trap requires minimal interaction between pest control specialist and homeowners. This helps to enhance the safety level of mosquito treatment.

Pest control for rodents

Rodent control Singapore has also evolved as we embrace the Internet of Things with the Rat Riddance Connect that uses sensing technology to sense movements of rats, thus heightening the detection level (at all times of the day), and trapping them more effectively with the strategic placement of the trap. As it connects to the command centre, rats activities are monitored 24/7. It minimises the use of toxic or harmful baits especially in sensitive environments.

Pest Control Singapore - A Clean and Green Future

As we become more aware of the negative effects of climate change on our natural environment, we should do what we can to be environmentally-friendly. Firstly, pest infestations will always pose a threat for residential and commercial spaces. Hence, consistent research and improving technology can help us find more eco-friendly and effective solutions. Secondly, more are concern over the safety aspects of the pest control, especially homes with kids, elderly and pets. Thirdly, the quality of pest management has to enhance, and utilise cutting-edge innovations to manage challenges. For instance, chemical resistances, environment conditions and pests’ capabilities and intelligence.

Finally, it is important to evaluate and decide on a reliable and credible pest control specialist. This includes possessing adequate certifications and professional knowledge in pest expertise, constantly upgrading equipment and tools to detect and control pests and receiving the trusts and satisfactions of users.

Rentokil Singapore offers a range of expert pest control services for homes and businesses! Call us at (65) 6347 8138 for a pest control solution today.

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