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There has been an increasing awareness of termites infestation in Malaysia in recent years.

Workers Escaped Death As House Collapsed Due To Severe Termites Infestation

Termites can be every homeowner’s worst nightmare if it goes untreated as it can literally tear a house down.

6 Scary Facts About Termites You Should Know

Termites are often known as the silent destroyer. You’ll need know about these facts to stay on top of everything.

5 Termites Hotspots At Your Home

Your home is like a treasure trove for termites. Learn these 5 hotspots to save your home from them.

What Does Termite Look Like?

Ever come across a white bug and wonder if it’s a termite? Click here to find out more!

The Royal Insects: Termites

Medieval fantasies may be just make believe but termites definitely aren’t! Here are some reasons why termites could be considered royalty. Find out more!

Fire Vs Termites? Things you SHOULDN’T do to treat termites

If you have termites, fire is definitely not the solution to your problems. Find out more things shouldn’t do when facing a termite infestation.

Top 3 Reasons Why Our Home Needs Annual Checkup

A termite colony can eat up a 4ft x 2ft door within 2 weeks if left unattended. Find out how you can prevent termite attack through an annual home checkup.

The Amazing Termite Man

Move over Spiderman, there’s a new superhero in town. Make way for the amazing Termite Man! Find out what powers a termite superhero would have here.

3 Terrifying Termite Stories That Will Leave You Trembling

Not bothered when you see signs of termites? Well think again. These 3 terrifying termite stories will make you shiver! Number 1 will shock you!

Creepy Crawlies: If Termites Were Horror Creatures!

Termites can be scary, sometimes taking lives just like real life horror creatures! But have you ever wondered which horror creature each termite would be?

The Three Effective Ways to Treat Termites Everyone Needs to Know

Looking to protect your home from termites but not sure where to start? Here are three termite solutions that every homeowner needs to know!

Top 5 Similarities Between Termites and Terminator

Find out how the terrifying and dangerous termites exhibit similar behaviour as the fan favourite franchise, The Terminator.