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The Amazing Termite Man

Good news! Spiderman may still be rubbing shoulders with the other Avengers. If you haven’t heard, your friendly neighbourhood spiderman maybe swinging back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the Rentokil team didn’t want to get our hopes up just yet and we started wondering if this means there’s an opening for another insect inspired superhero in the Avengers roster! That got us wondering, we have Spiderman, we have Ant-Man, why don’t we have a Termite Man and what sort of powers would he have? So here’s what a termite inspired superhero would look like.


Unlimited Energy and Superhuman Healing

One amazing ability that termites have is that they never sleep! That’s right, termites work 24/7 without sleeping to eat through your home. If there was a Termite Man, he’d be able to protect cities, fight supervillains and save the world non-stop. Sleep is important for most living things to recover from wounds and replenish energy for your vital organs. So if Termite Man didn’t need sleep, he would most probably have a never-ending supply of energy and superhuman healing! Other superheroes like Spiderman or Captain America, need sleep and rest to be at their best but Termite Man would be ready to go anytime, anywhere.

Superhuman Strength

A termite colony can destroy homes and put families at risk by eating away at critical wooden foundations, so it wouldn’t be too far off for Termite Man to be able to do the same. Termites are responsible for an estimated RM 40 million in home damages in Malaysia alone. Using that fact, Termite Man would have enough power to destroy buildings with one punch! Coupled with unlimited energy, Termite Man would strike fear in the evil doers around the world.


Termite Sense

Like other superheroes, Termite Man would have his fair share of weaknesses. One “weakness” termite man would have is he would be blind. Like real life termites, Termite Man would most probably lose his eyesight or be born blind but that wouldn’t stop him from fighting crime. However, termites have a unique way of “seeing”. Termite workers and soldiers are born without eyes, but they get around by sensing vibrations in the ground or walls. Using this ability, Termite Man would have something similar to a spidey sense just like Spiderman! Being blind wouldn’t limit Termite Man as he would be able to sense danger and predict his enemies movements by feeling vibrations in the ground and air. Imagine throwing punches at a blind man but he effortlessly dodges each and every one. Not only would Termite Man be extremely hard to hit, he would look cool doing it.


Mind Control

Another amazing and slightly terrifying ability Termite Man would possess is mind control. That’s right, Termite Man would be able to influence and control the behaviour and decisions of his foes. In a termite colony, there are 4 castes of termites, the workers, soldiers, alates and the king and queen. The queen is able to determine the entire colonies behaviour by using pheromones as well as decide which caste her children will grow into. If Termite Man had this power, he would be able to manipulate his enemies emotions and behaviour with just the power of scent. Termite Man would be able to stop a fight before it even began by using this form of mind control!

While a termite inspired superhero would be extremely cool, termites in the real world are downright villainous. Termites destroy your precious homes and put your loved ones at risk! Not only that, termite damages are not covered in most home insurance plans which can easily cost you thousands of ringgit. Fear not, you don’t have Termite Man but you do have Rentokil! Let the experts in pest control protect your home from a termite invasion. Contact us at 1 300 881 911 or visit our website today!


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