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3 Terrifying Termite Stories That Will Leave You Trembling

You’ve seen them, you know what they can do and they are not something you want in your home. I’m talking about termites! They’re horrible, annoying and downright destructive pests. In Malaysia they cause over RM4 million in property damage every year, and yet we still have people who are sceptical or just don’t really care when they get termites. So we decided to ask our customers to share their own termite experiences and we got three truly terrifying stories that will leave your hair standing!


Danger from Above

On a rainy night, the best thing to eat is arguably steamboat. The cold breeze blowing into your home while you’re sipping a warm bowl of soup is the best feeling. Pair that with spending dinner with your grandparents and you have a happy and fulfilling night waiting to be enjoyed. That’s what it should have been for our customer but what was supposed to be a peaceful and happy night became a nightmare.

While he was enjoying dinner with his family there was a sudden loud sound coming from the living room. They immediately ran to check what had happened and saw a big hole in the middle of the roof, and water pouring into their home! The entire roof had collapsed because termites were eating the wood away. Not only was their entire dinner ruined, they had to spend the next few days cleaning up and thousands of ringgit to repair the roof!


The Room of Termites!

It’s the end of the year and many of us are probably coming down from the 11.11 and 12.12 sale. I for one already bought quite a few things. But we’ve all been there. There’s a sale and you tell yourself “I don’t need anything” and suddenly you’re checking out 5 different things because they’re 70% off! But after a while you start to realise that maybe what you just bought isn’t exactly what you need or wanted so it goes into your store room. Where all your other random purchases go.

Fast forward a couple years later and you decide to do a bit of spring cleaning. You open your store room and what do you see? Not your items where you left them but a huge termite colony of termites swarming around eating anything they can. Not only do you have to clean the entire room, you later find out that the termites were also attacking your walls and roof! This happened to one of our actual customers! He had to throw out a lot of his things, and spend thousands of ringgit repairing his home!


Destroyed Memories

If you’re a book lover like me, you probably have a bookcase full of books and other precious memories. It could be a photo album of old family photos, or a collection of all the cards your partner ever gave you. At the end of the day, it’s somewhere you keep all your precious sentimental items safe.

Now imagine all of that was destroyed without you even noticing. You’d be devastated! Unfortunately, this isn’t fiction, it’s reality for one of our customers. Termites had eaten away her bookcase full of family photos and other precious treasures, the worst being her photos of her late father. While the termite damages had not yet spread to the roof, it caused more harmful mental damage to our customer.

The saddest part about all these stories is that all of them could have been prevented. Termites are known as silent destroyers and most of the time, the damage is already done before you notice them. Not only do they burn a hole through your wallet, termites can destroy other things, cause you anxiety and sometimes even take lives. A thorough inspection and prevention are the best ways to reduce the chances of having to experience these kinds of horrifying stories in your life. So protect your home and your family today. Call Rentokil at 1300 881 911 or visit our website and let us take care of your termite worries.

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