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Top 5 Similarities Between Termites and Terminator

How can termites be similar to a Terminator, you might ask. They don’t look alike which is true. The Terminator is as tall as an average human while the termite is so tiny that it is barely noticeable. Next, Terminators have an endoskeleton while termites have an exoskeleton.

While they have features that are different, they do exhibit a few similarities that you might have missed out on. Let’s go down the list below to check out how they are quite the same.

1) They Don’t Sleep


Just as we have seen in the movie, Terminators don’t sleep although they can go into standby mode which still doesn’t count as sleep. As for termites, they can work 24/7 without rest. Imagine them continuously eating off your home without any constraints.  

2) They Are Destructive


Terminators can destroy a vehicle or building with their deadly firepower in hand. Remember the shotgun and minigun?  Similarly, termites use their sharp teeth to destroy wooden structures which can cause the collapse of a home.

3) They Serve And Obey


Skynet ordered the evil terminators to go back in time and do anything to ensure the demise of Sarah and John Connor. The termites answer to the queen and work tirelessly to gather resources to serve the queen and their colony. 

4) Their Visits Are Unexpected

Mud tubes

The Terminator went from house to house to look for Sarah Connor in the first movie. Termites also like to drop their visits to homes, especially homes that are without termite prevention so watch out! They might come from your neighbours’ house to yours. 

5) They Are Relentless


We’ve seen how the Terminators chased after Sarah Connor and John Connor without ever giving up, no matter how hard the mother or son fought back. The Terminators just kept finding a way to come back which is the same with termites if you tried to handle them yourselves! 

There are people that noticed signs of termites such as mud tubes and tried to get rid of them by sweeping the trails or using pesticides. While you thought they have disappeared because there are no more termite activities in your home, they are actually just hiding somewhere else eating off your home without you noticing.

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The home termite nator

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