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Top 3 Reasons Why Our Home Needs Annual Checkup

An annual home checkup is as important as a medical checkup because it can give us clarity on what is going on inside all this while. More often than not, we are not aware.

Termites are known to be silent destroyers of homes because they are hidden from plain sight and when they are discovered, substantial damages have already been done.

To help you protect your home and family, allow me to share the Top 3 Reasons For Annual Home Checkups!

1. Uninvited ‘Guest’

Did you know that 90% of property damages in Malaysia is caused by Coptotermes spp. termites, making them "public enemy no. 1"?

Your property has a higher risk to be attacked by termites if it is built on previous plantation estates. This is because their natural habitat and food source have been destroyed during construction. As termites feed on cellulose, which is what wood is made of, they will seek out alternative food source: your home!


2. Costly Damages

Take a wild guess, how much will termite infestation cost you every year? The answer is RM40 million! A termite colony can contain up to 1 million individuals and termites feed 24/7. If left unattended, they can easily devour a 4ft x 2ft door within 2 weeks.

If this isn't bad enough, most home insurance policies don't even cover property damages caused by termites!


3. Prevention is The Best Cure

All these financial headaches can be avoided if we can spot them early. Some signs of termites are:

  • Mud trails on walls
  • Sightings of alates or flying termites
  • Hollow sounding timber when you knock on wooden surfaces

Rentokil Intensive Termite Inspection (RITI) allows you to detect any potential termite activities through a combination of thorough visual checks and non-intrusive termite detection device.

Termite baiting

The inspection is conducted by our trained and experienced Termite Experts who are equipped with in-depth termite knowledge and technical know-how. Besides that, all treatments carried out are compliant with local regulations and our SHE standards to ensure treatments are safe and bring zero disruption at your home.

Don't risk your home with termites! Call us today at 1300 881 911 or contact us online to learn more about our termite control solutions!

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