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The Three Effective Ways to Treat Termites Everyone Needs to Know

For new homeowners, it’s an extremely stressful time of their lives. Renovating a new home not only means figuring out what paint colour you want, but also things like plumbing, electrical works, furniture, etc which can cause a lot of headaches. After all the headaches, homeowners tend to stress about protecting their beautiful homes from termites. They know termites are bad, but they don’t know what solutions they should take and which one is the best for them. So we’re here to help with our handy guide on three ways to treat termites!

Termite baiting

Termite Baiting

First off we have termite baiting. So, you missed out on getting pre-renovation termite treatment and just your luck, you have a termite infestation after you settled down into your new home. Don’t worry, this method is perfect for helping you to get rid of termites. There’s 4 simple steps to how termite baiting works:

  • Baiting stations are placed around the infected areas. Inside these stations are chemical baits that attract the termite workers and provides a source of food
  • The baits stop the termite workers from feeding the colony.
  • Without food, the termite colony dies off, eliminating your infestation and preventing any further damage to your home.

The thing about a termite colony is that they need workers to survive. They aren’t like humans where we can take on multiple roles. Termite workers are the only ones who can forage for food and build nests. By slowly killing off the workers, the rest of the termites lose their source of food and eventually the entire colony collapses.

Termite drilling

Liquid Termiticide

But what if you don’t have termites? Well, prevention is better than a cure as they say. Termite drilling is the best way to protect your home from being attacked by termites in the future. How it works is simple:

  • Liquid termiticide is injected around your home by drilling holes into the ground.
  • This creates a barrier of termiticide between your home and the termites
  • When the termites come into contact with the barrier, the termiticide coats their body. These termites soaked in termiticide spread it back to the colony
  • The termiticide is eventually spread throughout the entire colony, killing off each termite one by one.

This method is highly effective against termites because of these insects’ behaviour. Subterranean termites, the most common type found in Malaysia, build their homes underground. That’s also how they get into your home, by tunneling through the earth and getting into your home. The termiticide barrier takes advantage of this behaviour and effectively prevents termites from gaining access to your home.

Termite monitoring

Termite Monitoring:

But what if you’re just not sure if you have termites but you still want to protect your home? Well we have something for you too! Termite monitoring is perfect for when you don’t know if you have termites or not and you’re not too keen on injecting chemicals under your home. So here’s how it works

  • Monitoring stations are placed around your home in soil areas.
  • Rentokil technicians will routinely check these stations to see if there’s any evidence of termite activity
  • Technicians will place chemical baits into the station to feed the termite colony before they cause further damage

With monitoring, you’ll still be taking a proactive approach to dealing with termites. So if you’re unsure if you do have termites, this is the solution for you.

And that’s the three types of termite solutions that you can consider to protect your home from termites. If you’re still on the fence whether you need termite solutions, just know that these pests are responsible for over RM40 million in property damage all over Malaysia each year. Do you really want to risk your home? I wouldn’t. So call us at 1300 881 911, visit our website or message us on Facebook for termite solutions today. Let Rentokil help you keep your home safe.

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