Can you see bed bugs even in a clean home?

We tend to associate a dirty and unhygienic home with a pest-full impression. Yes, it is true! Some household pests are the outcomes of poor sanitation and housekeeping such as cockroaches, ants, and rodents.

Cockroaches for example, food lures cockroaches, and poor facility maintenance such as clutter, leftover waste, and wet surfaces are cockroach attractants. However, some pests such as bed bugs occur due to various reasons that do not necessarily mean your home is old and filthy!

Let's find out the answer to whether I might get bitten by bed bugs even in a clean home in the article below.

What causes bed bugs to come?

Bed bugs are attracted to human heat and carbon dioxide that is exhaled by humans. This is the way bed bugs latch on human hosts and follow you home where they can freely spread.

No wonder keeping your home clean doesn’t mean you will be free of bed bug bites, because bed bugs can be present in a dirty or clean environment – follow and get carried away by the goods you carry or even your own body.

How can you get bed bugs in home?

4 interesting trivia about bed bugs:

  • Bed bugs can breed wherever they detect human presence
  • They can’t fly, jump, or hop but they are smart in hide-and-seek
  • This bug pest can generally survive up to three months without feeding at normal room temperature. At cold temperatures, bed bugs can survive longer
  • They attracted to human body heat instead of dirty and/or filthy objects
Gambar kutu kasur

Bed bugs spread via cross-infestation and are often carried in from person to person, or from luggage, furniture, and accommodations. Bed bugs are so tiny in size and it is hard to take notice of their presence on ourselves or belongings. With all the interactions and activities we engaged in, it is no wonder if bed bugs can easily spread to anyone and anywhere so quickly.

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A span home may prevent pest attractions such as cockroaches and ants. However, we may miss out on the tiniest and narrowest cracks and crevices which cleaning devices and tools could not reach. These blind spots are the perfect hiding corner for bed bugs to breed and manifest.

How do you get bed bugs in the first place?

Our poor habits and reckless actions may be the cause trigger of a bed bug infestation. We are all unintentionally often delaying laundry or clearing our baggage after a return trip. These bad habits are allowing these bugs to start crawling to other spaces in the home.

For some, placing baggage in the room or throwing clothing onto the bed is the biggest mistake one could make. The bedroom, especially the bed is the favorite hotspot for bugs to hide and breed.

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