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Mosquito & Bed Bug Bites: What's the Difference?

Basically both bedbugs and mosquitoes are insect pests that need the blood of mammals, especially humans to survive.

In addition, these two pests are also attracted to body temperature and carbon dioxide released by the human body. Because for these two pests, carbon dioxide is one of the factors that stimulates them to track human whereabouts.

How to tell the difference between mosquito and bed bug bites

Similar but not the same - at first glance bedbug bites and  mosquito bites  produce similar results and are often difficult to tell apart from one another.

Itchy red bumps like mosquito bites on the skin are sometimes considered normal bites, even though what you might find is bedbug bites which usually appear accompanied by a feeling that is quite itchy and a rash on the skin.

We will help you to be able to differentiate between the two pest bites that often occur in the bedroom, when you are sound asleep at night.

Learn more about how to tell the difference between mosquito bites and bed bugs below!

Mosquito bite

Gigitan nyamuk

Bed bugs and mosquitoes are types of pest that needs human blood to survive. Both of them are also interested in heat and carbon dioxide produced by human body.

However, most people are hard to differentiate between mosquito and bed bug bites – due to its similar symptoms on human skins, such as the appearance red spots and cause an itchy skin rash. Thus, how to distinguish between bed bug and mosquito bites?

Mosquito bites

  • Where do bites occur: mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of human sweat and biting the human body in areas such as the neck, hands and feet
  • What are the symptoms: the appearance of small bumps on the skin that slowly become a red hard lump

Bed bug bites

  • Where do bites occur: clusters on exposed skin areas such as the legs, arms and neck
  • What are the symptoms: the appearance of red spots and rash on the skin in a line

How dangerous are bed bug and mosquito bites?

Never underestimate every mosquito and bed bug bites found on skin. There are several types of mosquitoes that carry life-threatening diseases from it bites such as Aedes Aegypti that cause dengue fever and Anopheles which causes malaria.

On other hand, the most common bed bug species found in Indonesia is Cimex lectularius may not cause serious illness and symptoms. 

Yet, allergic reactions such as itching from time to time, rash on the skin as well as the appearance of red spots on the skin would give you a sense of discomfort.

Gigitan kutu busuk

One of  the most obvious signs of bedbugs is the presence of bed bug bite marks that can be found in several exposed body parts after waking up from sleep.

This is why it is so important that you can identify and differentiate bed bug bites from those of other insects. Because the sooner you find bed bugs, the sooner you can get rid of them from your home.

Bed bug bite location

Bedbug bites generally occur at night when humans are asleep and will not wake humans up because of their bites.

Bed bug bites can be found anywhere on the body, but they will prefer to bite parts of the body close to blood vessels such as:

  • Neck
  • Face
  • Hands
  • Arm
  • Feet

Characteristics of bed bug bites

The following are the characteristics or consequences of bedbug bites that commonly occur in humans:

  • Bed bug bites generally appear as small red bumps on the skin, accompanied by swelling and itching. However, sometimes bed bug bites may look flat, and may look like a rash at first glance.
  • Generally bed bug bites are found in a line or parallel, because bed bugs can line up when a good bite site has been found.
  • For most people, bed bug bites can be itchy and a little annoying, much like mosquito bites. However, for some people bedbug bites can also give different reactions, including allergies and skin irritation.

Are bed bug bites dangerous?

Bed bug bites from the most common bedbug species in Indonesia - Cimex lectularius may not cause serious illness and symptoms. But allergic reactions such as itching from time to time, rashes on the skin and the appearance of red dots certainly give a feeling of discomfort.

How to prevent mosquito bites and bed bug bites

Never take lightly a mosquito bite or bedbug bite found on the skin. Because if mosquitoes or bed bugs have become a common pest problem in your home, the best way to prevent mosquito bites and bed bugs from continuing to bother you is to contact a professional pest control service near you.

Contact Rentokil today to schedule a free survey at your location. Consult the mosquito or bed bug control solution that best suits your needs.