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What are fruit flies?

The common fruit fly is a species of fly known as Drosophila melanogaster. They get their name because of their affection for the moist surfaces of fruits but are naturally drawn to any fermenting fruits or vegetables. Fruit flies can become bothersome to many types of businesses, but are especially detrimental to the food industry where an infestation can negatively impact a bar or restaurant's reputation and deter paying customers. 

Getting rid of fruit flies on your own can be incredibly difficult. Without the help of an expert, fruit fly breeding sites often go unremedied and complete eradication becomes almost impossible. With the success of your business on the line, it’s best to call in the professionals. If you suspect fruit flies in your business, contact Rentokil at 800-837-5520 or fill out the online contact form.

What do fruit flies look like?

The reason why fruit flies are so difficult to control is because they are some of the smallest members of the fly family. Adults are only about 1/8 inch long and usually have red eyes. The front section of their body is tan and their rear section is black, although this distinction is not easy to see with the human eye. Fruit flies are usually found congregating in large clusters around trash containers, drains, garbage disposals or anywhere there is decaying organic matter.

Fruit fly life cycle

The fruit fly life cycle starts when the adult fruit fly female lays approximately 500 eggs near the exterior of rotting produce (or food containers with poorly attached lids). Their eggs hatch in about 30 hours, developing in a vinegar-like liquid near food sources. For 5-6 days, they primarily feed on yeast from rotting produce.

Before pupation, the larvae crawl to drier areas of the food or elsewhere entirely. Newly adult flies mate in about 2 days and their life cycle is finished in 8-10 days. Flies reproduce rapidly so it is important to gain control of a fly infestation as soon as possible.

What causes fruit flies?

Fruit flies breed and thrive on the moist surfaces of fruits and other produce. Any areas where fruits and vegetables are left out on counters for long periods of time, such as a cocktail garnish tray, will likely cause a rise in fruit flies. In a restaurant, fruit flies will gladly feed on any leftover scraps of fruit or food that end up in sink drains, caught in filters or in the kitchen garbage. Fruit flies can easily enter an establishment by catching a ride on groceries or any produce brought in from outside.

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Fruit fly infestation

Fruit flies’ rapid life cycle and reproduction rates allow fruit fly infestations to happen very quickly. Fruit flies are a problem year round but are especially a nuisance during the summer and fall due to their attraction to ripened fruits and vegetables. The newborn fruit flies feed on the surface of this organic matter, as do the adults. If you notice an unusually large amount of fruit flies lingering around trash cans, drains, refrigerators or anywhere around the kitchen area, then you may have a fruit fly infestation on your hands.

Fruit fly prevention for bars and restaurants

Fruit flies are some of the most common invaders in both bars and restaurants. Because these establishments provide such an inviting environment for these nuisance pests, controlling them can be quite difficult, however not impossible with the following tips:

Reduce water sources: Since fruit flies, like humans, need water to stay alive, taking away that source by draining ice wells in the bar area and all sinks in the kitchen and bar area will go a long way. After draining and wiping down wells and sinks, do not forget to dry these areas completely.

Get rid of residue and food crumbs: Do not underestimate the power of keeping bar and kitchen areas clean when it comes to eliminating fruit flies. Making sure your staff has a clear checklist of all of the cleaning protocols for which they are responsible. After your bar or restaurant closes, it is important to thoroughly wipe down all chairs, tables, and barstools with the right cleaning products that will remove all sticky residue leftover that could attract fruit flies. Additionally, floors should be well-mopped and then dried with fans if possible.

Close off beer taps, syrup bottles and trash cans: Uncovered fruit trays, beer traps, syrup and liquor bottles are an open dinner invitation to fruit flies. After they are cleaned and wiped down at the end of every night, cover beer taps and soda guns tightly in plastic wrap so that liquid doesn’t leak into the trays overnight. Fruit trays should also be covered so that fruit flies do not crawl in. Additionally, make sure to remove any food or liquid leakage at the bottom of trash cans and then secure them tightly at all times.

Get rid of fruit flies with Rentokil

We know just how much of an annoyance and disruption fruit flies can cause for those in the food industry. From grocery stores and supermarkets to food processing plants, Rentokil fly specialists have decades of industry experience paired with powerfully effective products that will not only eliminate your fruit fly problem but make sure it doesn’t return. Our specialists will partner with you to create a customized treatment plan to address your property's needs. Don’t let fruit flies ruin the integrity of your business, call Rentokil today at 800-837-5520.



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