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How much does a product recall really cost your business?

In the food industry, businesses spend millions of dollars and countless man-hours investing in their products to ensure consumer the safety and satisfaction. Unnoticed or unchecked pest activity can lead to contaminated products that have to be recalled from the market, bringing financial and reputation damage.

Biological contamination is the most common cause of food product recalls in the U.S.. Pests can play a big role in the spread of biological contaminants, as they are common transmitters of bacterias that cause food contamination such as E. coli and Salmonella.

Although food processors represent one stage of the entire supply chain, they are usually the ones who absorb the cost of the recalled product as they have to correct and repeat the entire production process to replace the contaminated product on the market.

In this infographic, we calculate the true cost of a product recall in the food industry, looking at all the ways a contaminated product can affect your bottom line.

Infographic of cost of a products recall

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