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Doing your home check- have you got your Termite Aid Remedy?

Every household has a first aid kit. The first aid kit is necessary for any emergency which occurs such as a minor cut or small scalding. While the household first aid kit serves to keep the health and safety of the owners in the house, did it cross your mind to look into the health and safety of your house? It is now time to start on your home health check!

As much as it is necessary for a household, a “first aid kit” must also be on standby to keep your house’s health in check. Get your first aid for your house in the form of a termite aid remedy. Termites, also known as ‘white ants’ is the most detrimental house pest which causes both structural and financial damages to you and your family. Termite damage can be costly and poses a risk to your family’s health and safety.

Your house is a good food resource for the termites, especially in a tropical country like Singapore, with warm and wet conditions that are the most favourable for termites to grow and live in. Most Singapore houses and buildings, with a penchant for wooden furniture, water features and soil-based plants are more likely to create conditions ideal for these ‘white ants’.

Highly destructive, a house with a termite infestation faces great challenges in carrying out termite control when the damage is already done.

Where and what do termites like to go to feed on? Termites attack your house doors, window frames, staircases, parquet flooring, roof, ceiling and built-in cabinets. Termites eat from the inside out thus an infestation often is not noticed until it is too late. Structural termite damage that is too severe sometimes cannot be repaired and require costly replacements. Learning how to identify signs of termites is important to protect your house, home and family.

8 Termite Hotspot

10 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Home and Family

Termites need food, water, and shelter to survive. Keeping your home, office or establishment clean keeps them from finding a means to survive.

1. Fix any leaking pipes and taps, and keep structures dry to avoid giving termites sources of water.
2. Seal all cracks around utility and water pipes to keep termites from crawling through these in search of food.
3. Remove possible food sources, including unused timbre, stumps or debris from your premises.
4. Try and avoid using mulch on garden beds adjacent to the house.
5. Remove all occurrences of tree branches touching the house structure.

Learning how to spot the signs of termites helps to save your house structures from getting too damaged for repairs.

6. Look out for mud shelter tubes which subterranean termites build out of mud, faecal matter and saliva to move above ground in search of food.
7. Discarded termite wings on window sills and floors.
8. Faecal pellets which are the droppings of drywood termites after consuming wood.
9. Papery or hollow sounding timbre when tapped; termites feed from inside out.
10. Tight fitting and hard to open doors or windows.

Termite Scratching

It is true that termites come from underground soil as they need moisture and cover to protect their body against desiccation and predators. The subterranean termites build mud tubes out of soil and sand to travel around. While many landed properties in Singapore are at risk, termites have found their way into high-rise buildings and are a threat as they are capable of climbing up to as high as 26 storeys!

Your termite aid remedy ‘first aid kit’ performs the same function as a household first aid kit does. The first function is to standby for any emergency, and in this case, your termite aid remedy ‘first aid kit’ serves to protect your house and property from termites to attack. The second function is to manage an emergency; a termite infestation when it happens.

Standing by …

With a pre-construction Rentokil Termite Protection Plan

Managing an infestation …

With a post-construction Rentokil Termite Protection Plan and Rentokil Termite Baiting Plan

Rentokil Termite Protection Plan

Termite damage can bring undesired consequences to you and your family when major house or building structures are being attacked. Termites eat non-stop for 24 hours and these structures which are being fed on risk collapsing in living areas. While we know that a regular health check is important, a regular home check for termite activity gives you and the family a peace of mind as well.

Termite control is most effective with regular termite inspection done by pest control professionals.Give your home and family the peace of mind assurance by getting your home a health check done today.

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