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Common Concerns and Hassles Faced among Home Owners

Potential termite hotspot in your home

A home is a cosy place to relax after a hard day’s work or a place to bond with family. However, daily home maintenance can be a chore to handle besides managing the domestic services of the home. For instance, as the property gets older or depending on the property structure, many home owners faced common plumbing leak issues. Besides causing facility disruption and inconvenience, in fact, water leak and moisture increase another potential and damaging issue, by inviting food source for termites to infest.

Greeneries and plantings are nice to spruce up the exterior of the home to welcome guests. Diligent housekeeping and landscaping have to be maintained at all times, because unkempt gardens with decaying leaves or barks could also mean, attracting termites to forage.

Besides ceramic or marble tiles, wood and timber flooring are common choices in most homes. These are good food sources for termites and can potentially build a colony and spread this infestation to the other parts of the home.

However, with early detection and inspection, taking preventive measures, and understanding how termite infestation starts at a home with early signs, home owners can minimise these damages and risks, and in fact, the cost to prevent or treat, tends to be more affordable compared to renovating or repairing the entire home.

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