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Fumigation is a targeted treatment technique commonly used by pest management professionals to effectively control pests that attack stored goods and commodities.

Fumigants or in layman ‘gas’ used in fumigation are highly toxic to living organism including humans. Hence the use of fumigant is highly controlled by local legislation and is required to be registered. Fumigant is applied into an enclosed and air-tight space. With sufficient concentration and time, it will result in removal of stored product insects in any life cycle and also larger pest such as rats.

Correct and strict procedures by a trained fumigator are important to ensure that fumigant does not pose any health risk to humans or pets.

Why the need for fumigation services?

Stringent export requirements and fumigation procedures have been implemented to govern the quarantine services to exporting countries. AVA maintains a registrar of fumigation companies and all accredited fumigators. Their activities are monitored through audits by the ministry to ensure compliance.

To meet these ever-increasing requirements, freight forwarders, logistics companies and warehousing service providers prefer to pair their pest risk management plan which proves to be a holistic approach to protect the manufacturing, storage and transportation process from pest infestation. Here are some reasons why fumigation is essential for your exports:

  • Prevent pest infestation on food commodities
  • Enhance food security and safety
  • Control the spead of dieases
  • Protect business risks and brand image
  • Eliminate unnessary infestation costs

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Which items require fumigation?

Adopt quality fumigation services for your following quarantined fumigation activities including:

  • Commodity fumigation for importing and exporting schedules
  • Container fumigation for exporting goods and dispatching activities
  • Loose container load fumigation at the forwarding agents premises
  • Vessel fumigation for onboard vessels and ships
  • Silo fumigation for food commodities and packaging
  • Space fumigation for large internal space, storage and warehouses
  • Controlled Atmosphere Technology for artifacts and paintings

Rentokil’s Fumigation Services

Rentokil Pest Control Singapore has over 50 years of experience and skills in dealing with fumigation services. Our company bears the accreditation from AVA and we are an accredited service provider for ISPM 15 export requirements.

We deliver effective fumigation services to protect your business, which covers shipping & cargo, manufacturing, warehousing, milling, agriculture and more.

Call us at (65) 6347 8138 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment and discuss our range of fumigation services.

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